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How to's for AppleWorks, ClarisWorks, Word, & Excel
Apple has officially announced that the development of AppleWorks was discontinued. August 16, 2007

Spreadsheet Tips / Tasks

Word Processing

Pie Charts - enhancing tips


Christmas Shopping list SS - avoiding gift repeats

Text Gremlins

If Function how to

Word Wrap vrs dates & names

Make a Bar Chart

Diacritical's - saving cedillas, umlauts and accents

Lunch Menu Calories tracking project Preserving special characters
Elbow Room - Exploring Population Density and Land use Issues Learn Dictionary
Watering Milkweed - Spreadsheet activity Custom Dictionary
Examine your Government's Demographic Statistics Dictionary Tip - triangle
How do you spend your time? Make your own fill in answer sheet for printing new AW or Word
High temperature by State Activity new Excel Make a simple web page using MS Word.doc - pdf

AppleWorks Database index - tutorials | tips | tactics

Thinking Different

Make your own database

Creating a QuickTime Movie From an iPhoto Book - geometry

Finding anything using Match

Open source education resources can replace stale old volumes.

Harnessing online databases 1 Connexions
Harnessing online databases 2 Stop Motion Video from the Pogues
Database vocabulary activity Pogue free online videos
Database - Organizing
Importing one database into another
Printing a whole database? - Just Say No!  
AppleWorks Draw AppleWorks Paint
MYO Poster Make a Stencil Shadows in text using paint Coloring text
Make a card Shadow text Coloring Images
Draw a computer Selecting the Image
Daring dashed lines Autumnal Mac - paint practice
Make a Diagram to compare/contrast Select an Image in Paint
Matting and Framing an image using Draw Using Fill in AppleWorks Paint
Draw A Daisy Gradient Text Trick
  Creating Shadow text titles - fun beyond the shadow of a doubt!
Text frames in the Drawing Computer Safety tip on downloads from Apple
Explore the Solar System - Venn Diagram activity iLife tutorials

Spell checker poem

Off Site Suggestions

Integrating Christmas into your curriculum using computers

Macintosh links | Learning Electric

Custom Desktop Pictures - loads of fun for free

Technology Integration in Michigan K12 all subjects!

Mac OSX - Preview pdf viewer

Online computer dictionary (with pictures) off site

Pogue's Pages Atomic Learning - Mac & AW tutorials
Macintosh function key tip - System 9 Ask the Techies
Ode to the Option Key - painful poetry - practical tip Using iPhoto to make a book

Mac Higher Learning: The Next Steps

Corny Computer Project
Wikijunior - textbooks online for free Thinking Tools - free higher order thinking new
TeacherTube What is Wiki? new
ELearning Handbook Limiting Legal liability for Citizen Journalists
Sell your house using your Mac Turns records into CDs - David Pogue
Timeline Introduction to Benjamin Banneker - Make a timeline iMovie
HP Activity Center - no need for a HP printer to use these great resources. iMovie how to

Computer Tutor - learn mouse, keyboard & monitor skills. Web 2.0

Storyboarding - plan & plot before you shoot
How-To Quick Flicks free video tutorials Getting started with iMovie
Intel's Visual Ranking tool iMovie in Education - online training videos iMovie Support
Older versions of Mac software Video Editing with iMovie
The CyberSmart! Curriculum - Organized in five units, each teaching a facet of Internet use, it consists of 65 original standards-based lesson plans with Activity Sheets.  

ClarisWorks / AppleWorks resources

computer class with delighted participant

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