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Meadow Habitat of Eastern NA

Field Borders and Corridors

Shrubs for wildlife

What is a meadow?

Cropland Management

Enhancing wildlife habitat

Grasses for wildlife Milkweed & Monarch Butterfly Mania Invasive Plants
Wildlife fencerow Give Wildlife an Edge The grassland biome
Food Web Relationships Activity Edge Feathering Effects of Agricultural Land Use on Wildlife
Fields, Meadows & Fencerows Photos Meadows Green Maps Around the World
Biodiversity Adventures download Meadow Ecology plants

right arrow Describe one of these habitats: a meadow, a field or a fencerow.

right arrow Vocabulary to master:

Habitat, ecosystem, community, population, biodiversity, pollution, survey, migrate, succession,
adapt, organism, biologist, Autotrophs, Heterotrophs.

Ecology Vocabulary Exercise | Make an Ecovocabulary Crossword Puzzle

right arrow List 4 events that may lead to the formation of a meadow.

right arrow Essential question: Describe a fencerow that would be a good habitat for wildlife.

How does it benefit wildlife?

right arrow Do: Food Web Activity | Life Cycles

right arrow How does having a fencerow for wildlife benefit the landowner?

right arrow Watch Biology Mahalo - Keystone Species versus Indicator Species video at YouTube

Which species in the meadow are indicator species?

Which species in the meadow are keystone species?

right arrow Identify a location in your community where a meadow or fencerow type habitat could be developed.

EcoCommunity Status in your state | Fields, Meadows & Fencerows photos

right arrow What role does this type of habitat play in biodiversity?

right arrow Make and play an Eco Jenga game

right arrow Identify the environmental health issues that are significant to your community or region.


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Milkweeds & Monarch Butterfly Mania | Citizen Scientist - Collect some data | Collecting Data Activity doc. / pdf

Water & Watershed Studies | Plants and People | Nature | Habitat Garden

PA HS Envirothon | Wildflowers


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