3 bats flying before a full moon Bats are Our Buddies! An Internet hunt from Cindy O'Hora
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1. How many different species of bats are there in the world?


2. The Honduras white bat makes tents. What does it use to make the tent?


3. What makes the Congress Bridge in Austin, Texas special?


4. Use your online research skills to learn the most common bat found in your area or state.


5. Name three kinds of places bats call home.



6. What are the wings of bats made of?


7. Write another fact about the wings of bats.



8. How do people use bat droppings called guano?



9. Why is the Indiana bat endangered?


10. Bats use echolocation to find objects in the dark. echolocation info
Name three things echolocation tells a bat about an object.







11. Calculated to challenge - How many bugs can a bat eat in one 3 hour evening?


How is this important to the ecosystem?



Check out the pie chart about Yearly Behavior Cycle for bats. (At the bottom of the 2nd web page)

Circle the correct answer.
How much time do bats spend in hibernation?

1/4th of the time
1/2 the time
one third of the time



12. What happens to bats when people disturb them during hibernation? (Check out the section called Bat Behavior)


While you were reading that last page did you see - What do they call baby bats?


13. Some bats are (circle the correct words) Research required.

Piscivores Herbivores Omnivores Carnivores Cannibals Vegetarians
Cookievores ;-) Insectivore Frugivores Shoeivores    

Circle the word(s) that describe you.

Piscivores Herbivores Omnivores Carnivores Cannibals Vegetarians
Cookievores Insectivore Frugivores Shoeivores    

14. Did you ever hear the saying (idiom) "she has bats in her belfry"? What does it mean?
Enter bats in belfry in the search box. Click - Go


15. Scan this bat interview. Write another question to ask the bat.



16. Go find out. How many books about bats does Amazon.com offer? (Tip - Change the All drop down menu to Books) ____________

Examine the list. Write the title of bat book that looks interesting.


Personally, I really like Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies.

Which batty book do you think they should add to your school's library or to your community public library?



You have decided to erect a bat house.
Use the resources in your library, as well as information you've learned in this hunt, to create a proposal for: your parents, your principal, your PTO or your local elected officials. Consider: equipment, concerns/fears, location, value to the community.


Evaluate - Which of the websites that you visited during this hunt would be helpful to you in writing the proposal? Why?


~*~ Extras:

* Go Digging:  Bat pollinators are important to some plants. Explain why.

* Complete a Frayer Model to show what you know about Bats. doc. format | pdf. format

* Compare and Contrast Bats with another animal activity

* Make a challenging Bat Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle.

* Research a place that bats live in your region or state.

~*~ As a teen, Merlin Tuttle, banded bats hoping to find out where bats went in winter.

~*~ You worked hard to answer all the questions. Try these batty activities.

Bats at the Beach book activities

Night Friends - American Bats

How many bats? & other questions

Read How the Bat came to be

Add a Batty Stanza to the Poem

Bat Flight video

Bats in the Spotlight

AWF Bats

Label bat anatomy diagram

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