Learning about Waters and Watersheds
"When the well's dry, we know the worth of water." Benjamin Franklin

drop Lentic or Lotic Ecosystems online activity drop Water Vocabulary puzzle
drop Natural Resource Wars - who will be the winner? drop Oceans - a cause for concern PBL
drop Wetlands EcoStudy unit drop Biomes - problem based learning
drop Map Pennsylvania Waters drop Fishy Facts Internet Activity
drop Water cycle, Groundwater, Fresh water activity 4-8 drop Frogs as early warning critters
drop Learn about Watersheds activity 8-12 drop Bullfrog of Magnolia Circle activity
drop Native Plants at School Landscape Project drop Watering Milkweed - Spreadsheet activity
drop Six ways to the Sea worksheet drop Drought Presentation
drop Watersheds - From the Woods Series drop Precipitation & Population
drop Global Warning and climate change drop Plant Biology - water relations online lesson
drop Math of Fresh Water video project drop Rainwater Harvesting video
drop Water Issue Project Digital Journal drop Ology - Water H2O=Life
drop Make Your Own Water Crossword Puzzle drop GeoWeb - Be a cyber cartographer
drop Water and Air Pollution Activity drop River - Island issues

Useful links about water and the environment on other sites

drop World Water Monitoring Day™ Sept 18th is an international education and outreach program that builds public awareness and involvement in protecting water resources around the world by engaging citizens to conduct basic monitoring of their local water bodies.

Geology of Pennsylvania's Groundwater Water Science for Schools - USGS | Water Cycle resources
Groundwater: A Primer for Pennsylvanians Water Resources of the United States
PA Envirothon Central Explore the resources at Environmental Awareness
PA Lakes Hands on the Land
Great Lakes Pennsylvania overview Slipping Away: An e-rosion WebQuest
Check out the environment in your community - Scorecard.org Explore this estuary
Journey of a Molecule of Water Dr. Ruth Patrick
Locate your Watershed - EPA resource Invasive Species
Watershed Game Lake Champlain webquest

Enviromapper for water

Hetch Hetchy and the Sierra Nevada Watershed Sediment and Toxicity in Chesapeake Bay - NOAA

Environmental Inquiry - Watersheds

Hydrologic Cycle
Virtual Coral Reef Fish Count Water in the News
WaterSense Cracking dams
Electronic Naturalist Water Quality and Quantity
Pathfinder Science - Stream Monitoring Learn about wetlands
Research Hydrology NOAA Learning Objects videos and mini units
USDS online videos Bridging the Watershed
Macroinvertebrate IDing Water For Wildlife
PASDA - surface water map Drought Monitor: Current Conditions GIS from NDMC
Cooperative Wetlands Center @ Penn State Wave Machine at PBS Savage Seas
Watershed Education from DCNR free allows students to research information, enter and compare data statewide, and share their knowledge. Finding a Balance - an environmental study project that considers real environmental dilemmas concerning water use and to provide solutions to these dilemmas.
How NASA studies Water Water on the Web
Water and Ice Safety Water Cycle - By Students 4 Students video MYO
Being a good citizen means being a careful stewart of our natural resources. Identify a way to conserve water. Explain your choice. Utilize this ThinkQuest winning site: AquaDuck. NPS Water in the Environment in depth study unit with many lessons

"Urban Pools"- A Curriculum Module Written for the National Mall and Memorial Parks

Water, Climate, Vegetation ppt


Lake Erie video at NGS


PA Envirothon Aquatics resources


Migratory Fish Restoration Teaching with Data

Watershed Education

Saving Water video at GreenEnergy.TV

Webquest - Expedition Susquehanna An Environmental Investigation Introduction - Hydrology
Kids zone - watershed "WaterPower"- A Curriculum Module
Let's Take a dip critters Ways of a watershed - ele
Environmental Working Group has found the most common pesticides in treated drinking water. America has been a country that builds dams. There are more than 75,000 major dams in the US. video
PPG glass dump runoff creates a wasteland Check out Rhyme, Rhythm, Results educational rap site water cycle
Protecting watersheds interactive guide Watershed curriculum - constructivist pedagogy using the 5 E’s

Environmental Education Network, a clearinghouse for all environmental education information, materials and ideas on the Internet.
K-12 links range from Acid Rain Lesson Plans to Whales: A Thematic Web Unit. http://www.envirolink.org/

This activity is aligned with the Pennsylvania State Academic Standards for “Environment and Ecology"
Watersheds and Wetlands 4.1. A: Identify various types of water environments · Lotic systems (e.g. creeks, rivers, streams) · Lentic systems (ponds, lakes, swamps) Explain the differences between moving and still water. • Identify Pennsylvania’s major watersheds and their related river systems • Explain factors that affect water quality and flow through a watershed. • Explain the role of watersheds in everyday life.

4.3. Environmental Health B. Describe how human actions affect the health of the environment. • Identify land use practices and their relation to environmental health.

It is also aligned with the Pennsylvania State Academic Standards for Reading, Writing, Speaking; Science and Technology; and Geography

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