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Mrs. O's House is dedicated to providing information and engaging activities. The activities cover a wide variety of topics and offer many levels of difficulty. Mrs. O's House offers EcoStudy Units that employ higher order thinking skills to investigate special ecosystems and species. The problem based learning projects, in Mrs. O's House, challenge users to examine and react to a variety of current issues. Puzzles and Projects makes use of online resources to enrich a broad set of topics.

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Internet Hunts > 200 Nature
Puzzles & Projects Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly Mania - lots to do!
Macintosh know how - Computers Bluebirds Project - learn about bluebirds and nest boxes
Problem/Project based Learning > 100 Plants and People
Pennsylvania Projects > 80 Eco Study: Fields, Meadows, Fencerows | Wetlands
Prominent Pennsylvanians > 850 Science Observation skills builders >50
Civics: Projects | Essays | Elections | Quotes Water and Watershed Studies
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Internet Hunts

October Facts Internet Hunt

October Facts Internet Hunt 2

Autumn Internet Hunt

October Civics and History Activity

Bats are Our Buddies

Bats at the Beach Activity - literature

Puzzles & Projects Index: an extensive collection dollar sign Financial
Bat Compare - Contrast Activity

Make a challenging Bat Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle.

Complete a Frayer Model about Bats. doc. format | pdf. format

Pale Blue Dot Essay

Solve the History Mystery Message - Challenging

The Common Good - Barbara Jordan Speech

Word Cloud Project - Literature Character Traits

Make a Crossword Puzzle - Vocabulary building challenge

Environmental/Energy Issue Video Project

Energy Saving Digital Video Project

Water Issue Digital Science Project

History Facts and Fictions - project

Critical Thinking Activity - Writing a Process

Make a schematic representation

Make a Word Cloud Project - tech skill

Personal Narrative Essay - Hunger

US Capitol State Statues - Who should represent your state?

Common Experience Writing Activity

Evaluate a Digital Video Project

Digital Storytelling - Life around here project

Examine Online Collaboration and Social Networking - Web 2.0

Your Personal Financial Survival Plan

Credit Cards Facts Activity financial education

Gas and Diesel Taxes

How are the Funding Decisions Made?

gold star Specials
Privacy at school project

The Right to Privacy and the U. S. Constitution

Individual Privacy, Public Safety and Justice

Working in a Group - link fixed

Concussion & Head Injury Action Project

Are you 21st Century Literate?

Evaluate a government web site

School Attendance Campaign - you do it

20s Internet Scavenger Hunt - anniversary hunt

Books that Shaped America

Pennsylvania Projects Index > 80 provided
PA Open Records Law projects

Government - Sunshine Laws | The Public’s Right to Know

Pennsylvania Charters and Important Documents

Amending the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

No Place like Home - Compare - Contrast Geography Activity

State Facts Song - problem/project based learning

Put your town on the map - Be a cyber cartographer

Who represents you? Learn about your state legislators

Crossword Puzzles index > 30 Quizzes: 14
U. S. Constitution Facts puzzle (pdf)

Election Vocabulary MYO Puzzle project - rubric added

Make a Crossword Puzzle of Government Vocabulary

The Scarlet Stockings Spy Quiz 4th - 5th

Stranger in the Woods Quiz K-2

Scientific Method Quiz

Nature Stuff Index - harness these activities to learn many interesting things
Best Treat of All - online children's book about birds

Bluebirds Project - EcoStudy Unit

Trees inventory and map project based learning

Project Problem based learning projects - many on nature/science

Habitat Garden - Make one at school or a park

Community Green Infrastructure Project

Life Cycles in nature

Fields, Meadows & Fencerows EcoStudy Unit

Wetlands EcoStudy Unit

Alternative Energy, Renewables & Energy Studies

Water & Watersheds Studies Index

Lentic Ecosystems and Lotic Ecosystems in PA

Water and Air Pollution Activity

Habitat Project Digital Science Journal

Other Stuff
Articles: Mrs. O's other volunteer projects:
Central Pennsylvania Schools 2017 Keystone Exams results and PSSA results Web site Volunteer - article
Central Pennsylvania Schools 2016 Keystone Exams results and PSSA results Monarch Waystation & Habitat Garden
Central Pennsylvania Schools 2015 Keystone Exams results and grad rates Education advocacy
Central Pennsylvania Schools 2014 PSSA and Keystone Exams results Friends of the Pine Ridge Reservation - Please contribute as you can.
Central Pennsylvania Schools 2013 results Make Book Covers - how to
Central Pennsylvania Schools 2012 PSSA results On Inspiration / Gaelic Blessing  
Central Pennsylvania Schools 2011 PSSA results Author / Webmaster
Central Pennsylvania Schools 2010 PSSA results Copyright notice
Credit and Credibility - online report on the financial crisis
and the Credit Rating agencies
Sew Much Comfort - help provide modified clothing that
accommodates medical devices for our wounded military personnel

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