Environmentalists Internet Hunt
Learn about people who have taken a stand for the environment.

Essential Question - How can people positively impact their biome?

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1. Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring warned people about what problem?


How did people respond to her book?


2. Name two parks that John Muir helped establish.


What tool did Muir use to persuade people to value nature?


3. How did Theodore Roosevelt help to preserve America's natural beauty?



4. What was Gifford Pinchot's belief about our National Forests?



5. What important book about the environment did Carl Safina write? What is his message?


Have his predictions proved true? Consider this article. Or select another example that is of interest to you.


6. Jacques Cousteau was one of the greatest conservationists of the 20th century.
How did he advocate for the underwater world?



7. What animal species did Dian Fossey study? What happened to her?



8. You are concerned about a local policy's impact on a species. You decided to contact the
government agencies that protect species.

Name the two agencies that identify species to be put on the endangered species list?
(Look it up)


How does the President influence these decisions?



9. How did Julia Butterfly Hill fight to save a redwood tree?



10. Select a Goldman Prize winner. Describe how the person had a positive effect on the environment.



11. What is one issue related to the environment that is impacting your community?

Write one thing you will do to be more environmentally friendly.



12. In 2004, Wangari Maathai was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. What has been her environmental cause?


Evaluate - Has her goal been achieved?


13. Mary Walton's inventions sought to fix environmental problems.
Select one of her inventions and explain how it improved people's lives.


14. Listen to High School Student is Biofuel Whiz-kid - What is the big message behind this student's efforts?



Utilize your online research skills to find a person (not mentioned above) who has made a contribution to an environmental issue.
Write an informative essay about what they did or are doing.



"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win." Mahatma Gandhi

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