The Sun - renewable energy source
The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun. ~Ralph Nader

Directions: Use these links coupled with your online searching skills to answer the questions and come to a conclusion.

The Sun is our Nearest Star - NASA | Solar Decathlon | US Dept of Energy - Solar

NOVA - Saved by the Sun | U.S. Solar Radiation Resource Maps | NREL - National Energy Resource Lab

The Big Energy Gamble - NOVA free, online videos | Solar Analysis tools

Solar Resources map | Maine Solar House | Can We Run The World Off The Sun? NPR

The Investigation:

dot Solar power is already a vital part of our lives. Explain.

dot What is meant by "off the grid"?

dot What is a solar power buy-back?

dot Bulky solar panels are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Explain.

dot What changes should people make to increase the positive impacts of solar energy on a building?

dot Identify one passive solar energy application that can be used in homes or public buildings.

dot Evaluate solar energy as a part of the energy strategies used in your home or for your school.

What issues must be considered?

Evaluate your home or school for possible passive and active solar applications.

Consider talking to your parents or the School Board about your ideas.

dot More to think about - Learn: The First Women Barefoot Solar Engineers of the World

Watch the video about Raquel Redshirt and how she is solving a problem for her family using the sun.

Energy Alternatives Exploration | Smart Meter Plan | Saving on Home Energy Use Activity | Energy Explained

Do the Alternative Energy Sources Project - pbl | Energy Info Sources | Saving on Lighting Energy Activity |

Oil Production Examining History - Finding the truth | How we use Oil | Energy Digital Video Project | Energy eGame

Environment Issues Game - problem based learning | Sciencnetlinks | Renewable Energy

Become enlightened about energy:

How fluorescent lamps work | Junk Yard Genius

High School Student is Biofuel Whiz-kid | 12-year-old Revolutionizes the Solar Cell

Mapping Renewable Energy, Rooftop by Rooftop - Time, 12/22/08

e2 icon series on PBS - Energy (Use the episodes drop down menu to see the videos)

Slay your energy vampires | Computer energy saving | How to Use Trees to Save Energy

States and Energy Initiatives video Governors Association Conf. CSPAN

Energy Information Office Official Statistics of US Government

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