windmill Energy Alternatives Explorations
For centuries, people have chosen to fuel economic growth by burning fossil fuels. There are alternatives. Some have also been used for centuries. Explore the alternatives and identify the ones that are appropriate for your community.

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e2 icon series on PBS - Energy (Use the episodes drop down menu ) States and Energy Initiatives - Governors Association Conf. CSPAN
US Senate Hearing on Energy Security The Big Energy Gamble - NOVA free, videos Gassing Up With Garbage
No Furnaces but Heat Aplenty in ‘Passive Houses’ NYT 12/27/08 Powering a town with manure Hydrogen Powers Family's car and home

1. Tidal - Write 5 important facts regarding Tidal power.



Is it renewable?

Is this a viable choice for your community? Explain.


How did George Washington use the force of water to power work?

2. Solar - Write 5 facts about solar power.



Can solar power be used effectively, where you live, to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels? Explain.


3. Wind - Write 5 facts about wind power.




Can wind power be used effectively where you live to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels?

Name two classes of animals that are potentially negatively impacted by wind turbines. (Harness a search engine)


Give two examples, from the past, of wind being used to power work.

4. Biomass - Write 5 facts about biomass power.





Biomass also helps deal with an environmental issue. Name it.

List examples of the use of biomass energy in your state. (Harness a search engine)



5. Gas Hydrate - Write 4 facts about Gas hydrate.



6. Hydrogen - Write 4 facts about hydrogen as an alternative fuel.


7. The efficient use of energy will reduce our demand for power.
Deliberate conservation is the first essential step in declaring fossil fuel independence.

List at least 4 ways you can reduce your energy use.
EERE Consumer's guide | Energy Star | Energy Hogs




8. Name an Alternative Energy Project in your state or commonwealth.


Conclude. Read The New Power Generation Wired May 2005.

How have hygriders adapted to energy challenges?


Which energy adaptations will work in your community?


Consider Consequences:

1. Power plants often use water for cooling. They discharge warmed water into the environment.
Is warmed water harmful to the environment? Support your answer.


2. The Scientific Method - watch this report about the challenges of air quality in one community.
Why would you move there or not move there?


3. The giving shade tree - Evaluate: Are the trees around your school, home or a local institution planted in a way that will reduce energy demands?

Where do you reccomend they plant trees to reduce energy use?

What tree's that are native to your state would be a good choice?


"Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must first be overcome." - Samuel Johnson


Energy Light bulbs compare/contrast Activity | Energy Savers Activity

High School Student is Biofuel Whiz-kid | 12-year-old Revolutionizes the Solar Cell

Watch the video about Raquel Redshirt and how she is solving a problem for her family using the sun.

Junk Yard Genius - Garrett Yazzie, 13, invents solar heater for his family's home

Maine Solar House = already there | Watch - America Revealed Electric Nation

Considering Energy use of Personal Electronics

Energy Saving - Survey - Chart - Action exercise | Mapping Renewable Energy, Rooftop by Rooftop - Time, 12/22/08

Is the Answer Blowing in the Wind - Siting a Wind Farm project

Solar Decathlon Alternative Energy - problem based learning
Wind Power History Explore Efficient Energy Uses at Zion National Park
Energy Sourcebooks - free energy education materials Take the energy quiz
Saving on Home Energy Use Activity Nova Science Now - Fuel Cells - Hydrogen fuel cell cars promise pollution-free driving
9 ways to cut your energy bills Compare Contrast Lightbulbs Activity
pod icon Wind Energy at Science Friday Renewable Energy
Sunlight Angles Smart Meter Plan to save on electricity
Electricity from the East River - video from New York Times Possibilities of Solar Energy - video from New York Times

Energy Explained

Alaska: The Senator and the Oil Man
ScienceNetLinks - The Science of Energy Salt water as fuel? Kids Invent
PowerUp! Solve a Science Mystery - Select one
Energy Plans and their impact on you Crude Oil is more than gasoline
Explore the Theater of Electricity at Museum of Science, Boston Oil Production Examining History pbl
"WaterPower"- A Curriculum Module Energy Information Office Official Statistics of US Government
Who killed the electric car? Learn about a Static Generator -
Einstein's Letter Geothermal Drilling Safeguards Imposed

An abundance of resources about alternative energy

Repower America
Can We Run The World Off The Sun? NPR Science & Tech jobs - Futures Channel
The Sun - renewable energy source Activity  

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