monarch butterflyButterfly and Moth Internet Hunt part 2

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To know them is to love them -

1. Males and females of this butterfly are different colors.


2. These butterflies have a hairy fat body.


3. These butterflies have powdery scales on their wings.


4. These butterflies are tiny (nickel size) and have strings tails.


5. These butterflies look like they have only 4 legs.


6. This butterfly's caterpillar has large fake eyes.


7. This moth caterpillar cocoons in a bag covered with bits of needles.


8. These butterflies are blue on the top and grey underneath.


9. These caterpillars eat all the leaves on a tree.


10. This butterfly migrates south each year.


11. A large, bright yellow butterfly with black stripes.


12. A very large moth that is brown and white.


13. A yellow butterfly with no black stripes.


14. A small white butterfly whose caterpillar eats broccoli plants.


15. Butterfly with fat hairy body with a big white spot on the hind wing.


16. This butterfly is orange and cooper colored like a penny.


17. A Red Admiral butterfly has what colors?


18. Check out this Polyphemus Moth. What marks do you notice on the wings?


They explain the name. Who was Polyphemus?

19. Select two of these butterflies. Compare and contrast them. How are thye similar? How are they different?

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monarch imageChallenges:

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Approximately how many football fields long is that? (Hint: A football field is 100 yards long.)

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orange dot Make a butterfly species list for your community or state. Go out and look for them.

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Insect - doc. | pdf., Insect Metamorphosis - doc. | pdf.

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