small ladybeetle Investigating Interesting Insect Information Part 2 / Part 1

14. How are dragonflies helpful to people?


15. Do people really eat insects? Insects are good source of ......


16. How can you estimate the outside temperature on a warm summer evening?


Listen to a cricket chirp. If you do not hear the chirping on this page, research the chirp of a cricket online.

Describe the sound.


Estimate the temperature where the recording was made.


17. What can a praying mantis do that no other insect can do?


18. Do all mosquitoes feed on blood?


Name a disease that is carried by mosquitoes that can impact people in your region. Research required.


19. Aren't lady bugs cute? They are also voracious predators!

So why Lady Beetles are welcome in the garden?



20. Identify three differences between a butterfly and a moth. Research may be helpful.



21. What insect keeps its own garden?



22. Many insect pests are not native to North America. They were imported, on purpose or by accident, by people bringing goods here to sell. These pests are damaging our ecosystem and degrading our lives.

Give an example of a non native insect pest that is causing damage or degrading daily living in your region.



23. Gravity impacts everything on earth. How can some insects walk on the ceiling?



24. In 2002, a scientist found a new order of insects!
Where do these insects live?


25. How many known insect species are there?

How many insect species are estimated to exist?

What is the ratio of known to estimated insects?


monarch butterfly icon Challenges:

+ Complete the Mystery Caterpillar and IPM Challenge | Insect mascot project - problem based learning

+ Make a multimedia presentation about an interesting insect.

+ Plan and plant an insect friendly habitat garden at school, at home or at a local park

+ Conduct a school wide survey to select the most interesting local insect. Be sure to chart your results.

+ Frayer Science Vocabulary Activities: new

Insect - doc. | pdf., Insect Metamorphosis - doc. | pdf.

Butterflies - doc. | pdf. , Moths - doc. | pdf.

lsdy beetle iconDone already?

Mystery Butterfly activity | Mystery Caterpillar Challenge

Milkweed & Monarch Butterfly Mania - explore the many insects found on a milkweed.

Butterflies and Moths Internet activity | Wetland insects | Science Observation Skill Builders > 40

Bug Info @ the Smithsonian | Cicada Activity | Explore insect flight | Ants - 42explore

Monarch Butterfly migration report - listen online | Painted Lady Butterfly

Explore The Wonderful World of Insects site - Write down 3 interesting facts about bugs.


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