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Cicadas - A Special Insect Internet Activity
To know them is to love them. Well, then again, perhaps not.

Use this Internet based investigation activity to learn more about periodical cicadas.


Use these two web sites for the questions that do not have a link.

Periodical Cicada Page from The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology

Cicada Central

1. What Order of insects do cicadas belong to?

What is the genus of periodical cicadas called?

TAI (Think about it) - How do you suppose they got that genus name?



2. Calculated to challenge -

Which is longer: your thumb or the average adult cicada?


3. What is the life cycle length of the periodical cicadas emerging in 2004?

Say your life cycle is 80 years. You live in California. How many periodical cicadas emergences are you likely to experience in your life time?



4. True or False - Some cicadas emerge each summer.


5. Magicicada adults have colored bodies with eyes. They also have orange wing veins.

The best way to tell species apart is by using which of your senses?


6. Write three facts about juvenile cicadas.




7. Periodical cicadas have many predators. The predators do not do much to control their numbers. Why?




8. Suppose you have decided to join the list of cicada predators.
At what stage of life are they best to eat?



Consult the recipe for El Chirper Tacos.

How many batches would you need to feed one serving to everyone in your class?
(Don't forget your teacher! Teachers love to try new things!)


9. Do some investigating -

When is the NEXT time the cicadas are expected to emerge like this in your state?
(If you live in a "no cicada state", use mine - Pennsylvania.


What insect lives the longest life cycle?


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Help your community by creating a web site that gives facts about the periodical cicada.

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