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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been the home of many remarkable people. A diverse group of leaders, heroes, artists, scientists and innovators have contributed to Pennsylvania and to the world. This list includes those born in Pennsylvania, as well as, those who made a noteworthy contribution to society while living in Pennsylvania. The list numbers over 800 Pennsylvanians. The links are to other web sites where you can learn something about each individual.

It honors the courageous sacrifices of over 290 brave Pennsylvanians in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Many Pennsylvania public school students research famous Pennsylvanians. I challenge them to research someone who contributed to their locality or lived in their county. Publish the information in a class website to help others learn more about that special person from your local area. Local and county historical societies can be very helpful in locating facts, figures and even photos.

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William Maclay civil servant/Senator/judge site 1

Donald MacGregor visual artist

Mjr General James MacVay soldier/environmentalist site 1

Virginia Orr Maes scientist/writer

Lance Cpl Joseph B Maglione soldier Kia Kwait US Flag Icon

Spc. William J. Maher III, KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Master Sgt. Thomas D. Maholic, KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Mary Alice Dorrance Malone horsewoman site 1

Ralph Maltese teacher

Henry Mancini composer/musician

1st Lt. Travis L. Manion, KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Effa Manley baseball activist

Jennifer L. Mann legislator

Job Mann politician

Jayne Mansfield actress

Pfc. Jeremy E. Maresh died in Iraq War US Flag Icon

Clara Marshall doctor/leader

George Catlett Marshall soldier/Nobel Peace Prize site 1

C. F. Martin & family - guitar craftsmen

James Martin Sheriff site 1

Jeff Martin artist

Sgt. Michael A. Marzano KIA Iraq site 1 site 2 US Flag Icon

George Keith Martin soldier, broadcast journalist

Kim Martucci meteorologist/broadcaster

Louis Marx toy maker

Sybilla Righton Masters inventor

Christy Mathewson athlete

Timothy Matlack penned the Declaration of Independence site 1

Chris Matthews journalist/broadcaster site 1

Spc. Clint Richard Matthews KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Terry and Donna Mattive animal advocates

General William McAlevy Revolutionary War

Michael McCary singer

Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley

Sgt Randy McCaulley KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Sgt. Charles T. McClain KIA Afghanistan US Flag Icon

Sgt Jaon Mitchell McClary, KIA Afghanistan US Flag Icon

George Brinton McClellan site 1 soldier

Sgt. Jonathan E. McColley KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Sgt. Andrew H. McConnell, KIA Afghanistan US Flag Icon

Douglas McConnell musician

Vance McCormick politician/businessman

M. General Frank Ross McCoy, Soldier-Statesman

David McCullough author/historian site 1

William McDowell Alamo defender

Charles McFadden businessman

F.P. Kimberly McFadden judge

John B. McFadden train collector

Pfc. Ross A. McGinnis KIA saving 4 others HERO US Flag Icon Medal Of Honor

J. Horace McFarland preservationist

Cornelius McGillicuddy sports

Carol K. McGinley judge

Kathleen A. McGinty, Secretary DEP

William Holmes McGuffey site 1, site 2 author/educator

Sgt Eric A. McIntosh KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Thomas McKean signed DOI / Governor Pa / Pres of Congress

Lt. Col. Michael McLaughlin KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Ed McMahon actor/entertainer

Peter McManus - Molly Maguire

Edward Stewart McMurtrie lawyer

Margaret Mead scientist

George G. Meade soldier

Pam Meade environmental activist

A Spec. Mark W. Melcher KIA Iraq site 1, site 2 US Flag Icon

Afaf I. Meleis nurse/sociologist

Andrew William Mellon entrepreneur

Joan Orie Melvin PA Justice

Isaac & Dinah Mendenhall abolitionists

Leo Mendonca photographer

Brandie Meng reporter

Henry Mercer artist/collector site 1

Hugh Mercer soldier

Ambrose A. Mettler, Carnegie Hero

James A. Michener author site 1 site 2

Ner Middleswarth politician site 1

Pfc, Joshua Mikeasky, died Afghanistan US Flag Icon

Dennis Miller, comedian

Jeffrey B. Miller police commisioner

Trooper Joshua Miller KOD Pennsylvania State Police Officer

Henry Miller soldier

SSGT. Edward Mills, Jr. KIA Afghanistan site 1 US Flag Icon

LCpl Robert T. Mininger KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Sgt. Joseph Minucci KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Lawrence Mishel, PHD, economist, Pres EPI, author

Spc Sean Mitchell KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Tom Mix actor

J. Whyatt Mondesire journalist, editor, activist

Joe Montana, athlete site 1

John Gallagher Montgomery politician site 1

Sgt. Jae S. Moon KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Alecia Moore (Pink) singer

Edwin Moore inventor push pin

Hugh Moore dixie cup advocate, internetional activist

Marianne Moore author

SGT Orland Morales-Rivera KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Louis Joel Mordell mathematician

Albert Bryce Morgan muscian

Christopher Morley editor/author site1

Sgt Carl J. Morgain KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Gouverneur Morris rep PA at Constitutional Convention 1787 drafter of the U.S. Constitution (added We the People), a builder of the Erie Canal, and a creator of Manhattan's street grid.

Nathan Morris singer

Robert Morris politician/financier signed DOI, site 2

Wanya Morris singer

L.Cpl. Nicholas B. Morrison KIA Iraq site 1 site 2 US Flag Icon

John Morton politician/signed DOI site 2

Joe Mosello vituoso musician trumpet

Lucretia Mott site 1 activist site 2

Sgt. Brian Mowery, KIA Afghanistan site 1 US Flag Icon

SPC. Clifford Leonard Moxley died in Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

SGT. Ashly Lynn Moyer KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

John P. G. Muhlenberg site 1 soldier/politician

Terry Mutchler, PA Right to Know agency head

Ken Munro teacher/writer

Lt Michael P Murphy KIA Iraq Medal of Honor US Flag Icon

Cmdr. Philip A. Murphy-Sweet KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

John Murtha, hero, Congressman US Flag Icon

Dr. Joel N. Myers, meteorologist

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Dauphin, Dauphin

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Fort Indiantown Gap, Lebanon

Paoli, Chester

Lansdale, Montgomery

Yardley, Delaware

Bradfordm McKean spacer


Abington, Bucks


Doylestown, Bucks spacer





Jim Thorpe



Nazareth, Northampton



Greenville, Mercer



Erie, Erie

Philadelphia, Philadelphia


Philadelphia, Lancaster, and Holmesburg

Philadelphia, Philadelphia


Penn's Creek, Snyder





Pittsburgh, Allegheny spacer

Export, Westmoreland


Gettysburg, Adams

Carlisle, Cumberland spacer



Lewistown, Mifflin

Pittsburgh, Allegheny


Liverpool, Perry



Knox, Clarion spacer






Trafford, Westmoreland

New London Twp, Chester


Drexel Hill, Philadelphia





Indiana and Armstrong

Bethel Park, Alleghenyspacer



Pittsburgh, Allegheny


Selinsgrove, Snyder


Doylestown, Bucks

Cumberland Valley, Franklin

Sunbury, Northumberland

Doylestown, Bucks

Beavertown, Snyder

Cambria County spacer

Pittsburgh, Allegheny

Harrisburg, Dauphin

Swiftwater, Monroe

Lancaster, Lancaster

New Castle, Lawrence County spacer

Sellersville, Bucks

Richeyville, Washington

State College, Centre

Youngsville, Warren

Driftwood, Cameron

Monongahela, Washington

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Northumberland, Northumberland

Levittown, Bucks spacer

Carlisle, Cumberland

Germantown, Philadelphia

Easton, Northampton

Doylestown, Bucks


Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Coaldale, Schuylkill

Haverford, Delaware


Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Carlisle, Cumberland

Ridley, Delaware

Mt Carmel, Northumberland

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Halifax, Perry County spacer

Berwick, Columbia

Macungie, Lehigh spacer

Trappe, Montgomery

Monroe County

Lancaster, Lancaster

State College, Centre ''

Hampden Township, Cumberland spacer

Johnstown ''

State College, Centre


Stephanie Naidoff, Distinguished Daughter of PA

Joe Namath, athlete

Native Americans

Spc Rafael L Navea KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Pfc Albert M Nelson KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Peter Nero musician/composer site 1

Binyamin Netanyahu politician/writer

Alfred Nevin publisher

Edwin Henry Nevin clergyman

Ethelbert Woodbridge Nevin composer

David Newell Mr McFeely

Leslie Nicholas teacher

Sara J. Nicholas, DCNR WRCP head site 1

Hezekiah Niles newspaper publisher

Sgt. Joseph M. Nolan KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Isaac Norris, Merchant, Assembly Speaker ordered Liberty Bell

Michael J. Novosel pilot, Medal of Honor site 2 US Flag Icon

Adam Nowicki polka musician

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Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Beaver Falls, Beaver


Pittsburgh, Allegheny ''

Philadelphia ''

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Cheltenham, Montgomery

Shippensburg, Cumberland

Shippensburg, Cumberland

Edgeworth, Allegheny

Pittsburgh, Allegheny

Plymouth, Luzerne

Cumberland, Allegheny

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Etna, Allegheny


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