keystone shapeFamous Pennsylvanians and Prominent People of Pennsylvania

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been the home of many remarkable people. A diverse group of leaders, heroes, artists, scientists and innovators have contributed to Pennsylvania and to the world. This list includes those born in Pennsylvania, as well as, those who made a noteworthy contribution to society while living in Pennsylvania. The list numbers over 800 Pennsylvanians. The links are to other web sites where you can learn something about each individual.

It honors the courageous sacrifices of 290 brave Pennsylvanians in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Many Pennsylvania public school students research famous Pennsylvanians. I challenge them to research someone who contributed to their locality or lived in their county. Publish the information in a class website to help others learn more about that special person from your local area. Local and county historical societies can be very helpful in locating facts, figures and even photos.

Helpful hint.
Use the browser Find command to scan the text for a person or town, rather than read the whole page.

To do this:
Go Edit ... Find. Enter a name or county - click Find.
The first occurrence of the text will be highlighted.

Edit ... Find again will take you to the next occurrence of the word.

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Charles Wakefield Cadman composer

Sgt. William Cahir, KIA Afghanistan US Flag Icon

Alexander Calder artist

Sgt. Keith A. Callahan, KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Dorcie Calhoun gas driller site 1

Colonel James Cameron KIA Civil War US Flag Icon

Simon Cameron politician site 1

Bebe Moore Campbell author

Spc. Jeremy M. Campbell KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Jim Campbell writer

Vincent Carducci artist site 1

Adam Carl physician

Leonard Carlitz mathematician

Frederick A. Carlson IV, died in Iraq US Flag Icon

SSgt Edward W Carman KIA Iraq site 1 site 2 site 3 US Flag Icon

Andrew Carnegie Industrialist/Philanthropist

Rachel Carson - site 1, site 2 scientist/writer site3

Sgt. John Carroll KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Sgt. Joseph Caskey KIA Afghanistan US Flag Icon

Mary Cassatt painter

Ofc Charles Cassidy killed on duty

Willa Cather author site 1

George Catlin painter

Octavius V. Catto educator/civil rights activist site 1, site 2, site 3

Wilt Chamberlain athlete

John Chapman folk hero

Chubby Checker performer (Ernest Evans)

PO 1st Class Nicolas D. Checque, KIA Afghanistan US Flag Icon

Meg Cheever, CEO of the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

Keith Cheng, scientist

Pfc. Adam J. Chitjian KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Noam Chomsky - linguist

Loretta Claiborne athlete site 1

Dick Clark, television pioneer site 1

Noreen Clark meteorologist

Stanley Clarke bassist

First Lt Michael Cleary KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Pvt. 1st Class Zach Clouser KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

William Clutz artist site 1

George Clymer Member of the Continental Congress site 1

Sgt Christopher D. Coffin KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Marine Cpl. Michael R. Cohen KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Pvt. Bradli N. Coleman KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Julia C. Collins, first African American female novelist

John Coltrane saxophonist

Henry Steele Commager historian site 1

Perry Como, singer site 1

Maj. John F. Conlon III, KIA Vietnam US Flag Icon

Zachariah Connell judge

LCpl. Adam C. Conboy died in Iraq US Flag Icon

Frank Conrad inventor site 1

Sgt. 1st Class David A. Cooper, Jr. died in Iraq US Flag Icon

Fern Isabel Coppedge landscape artist

Fanny Jackson Coppin educator site 1, site 2

Margaret Cochran Corbin Rev War soldier "Captain Molly" site 1US Flag Icon

Chief Cornplanter leader

Sgt. Victor M. Cortes III died in Iraq US Flag Icon

Bill Cosby comedian/educator

Frank Cowan physician/author

Eckley B. Coxe businessman site 1, site 2

Spc. Gregory A. Cox KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Jacob Sechler Coxey social activist, politician

Jim Croce musician

Joseph B. Crowell industialist

Robert Crumb artist

Mark Cuban, entrepreneur

Spc Russell Culbertson Jr. KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Bill Cullen TV Host

Spc. Carl F. Curran KIA Iraq site 2, site 3, site 4 US Flag Icon

Andrew Gregg Curtain politician site 1

Sgt Christopher E Cutchall KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

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Johnstown, Cambria

Bellefonte, Centre spacer

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

McClure, Snyder spacer

Leidy Twp, Clinton


Maytown, Lancaster

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Middlebury, Tioga

Shamokin Dam, Snyder

Centre Hall, Centre

Greencastle, Franklin

Philadelphia, Philadelphia


McKeesport, Allegheny

Pittsburgh, Allegheny

Springdale, Allegheny

Pittsburgh, Allegheny spacer

West View, Allegheny spacer

Allegheny City, Allegheny

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Pittsburgh, Allegheny

Wilkes Barre, Luzerne

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia


Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Monroeville, Allegheny spacer

Pittsburgh, Allegheny

State College, Centre

Somerton, Philadelphia spacer

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

York, York

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Moosic, Lackawanna

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Dallas, Luzerne

Dover, York spacer

Mercersburg, Franklin

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Bethlehem, Northampton

Jacobus, York

Ford City, Armstrong

Williamsport, Lycoming

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Pittsburgh, Allegheny

Canonsburg, Washington


Connellsville, Fayette

Roxborough, Philadelphia

Pittsburgh, Allegheny

State College. Centre spacer

New Hope, Bucks

Philadelphia, Philadelphia



Erie, Erie

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Greensburg, Westmoreland


Cumberland Township, Greene

Selinsgrove, Snyder

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Greencastle, Franklin

Pittsburgh, Allegheny

Lone Pine, Washington

Pittsburgh, Allegheny

East Brady, Armstrong

Bellefonte, Centre

McConnellsburg, Fulton

Laminate cabinets Northway Industries Inc.


Joseph J. Dadurka Carnegie Hero

Tyrone T. Dancy soldier/advocate

Lydia Darragh, nurse and midwife Revoluntioinary War Spy

Charles Darrow site 1 inventor

Dr. Judith M. Davenport dentist site 1

Spc. Shawn Davies soldier died in Iraq US Flag Icon

CPT Edward A. Davis POW, School Director site 1 US Flag Icon

Joseph H. Davis, US Navy Medal of Honor winner site 1 US Flag Icon

Stuart Davis artist site 1, site 2

Frank DeLong, inventor of the hook and eye and the bobby pin

Consuelo De Moraes, entomologist

Spec. Robert Dembowski Jr. KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Charles Demuth artist

Ebenezer Denny, Revolutionary War Soldier, 1st Mayor Pittsburgh US Flag Icon

Charles W. Dent politician

1st Lt Jeffrey F. DePrimo KIA Afghanistan US Flag Icon HR 904

Nathaniel DeTample KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Dr. Katherine Detre physician/researcher site 1

John Dickinson lawyer site 1

Walter E. Diemer inventor site 1 , site 2

Pvt. David Dietrich KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Pfc. James R. Dillon Jr. died in Kuwait US Flag Icon

Distinguished Daughters of Pennsylvania pdf

Pvt. Michael R. Dinterman, Killed in Afghanistan US Flag Icon

Steve Ditko, comic character developer, author

Lavinia Lloyd Dock Nurse, social activist

Mira Lloyd Dock environmentalist

R. Emmet Doherty clean air actvist

SSgt. Patrick R. Dolphin, Killed in Afghanistan US Flag Icon

Jimmy Dorsey musician site 1

Tommy Dorsey musician site 1

Thomas Doughty artist site 1, site 2

Edwin L. Drake oil explorer

PFC. Justin Wesley. Dreese KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Katherine Mary Drexel, social activist

Diane Driscoll writer "Kissing Jake", producer

George Duffield clergyman

Sgt. Allen J. Dunckley KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Sgt. Brent Dunkleberger KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Joyce Dunn teacher

Kathrynann W. Durham judge

Sgt Sean Michael Durkin Killed by IED wounds in Afghanistan US Flag Icon

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Shamokin, Northumberland

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Pittsburgh, Allegheny

Hopewell, Beaver

Roxborough, Philadelphia | Lancaster spacer

Philadelphia, Philadelphia


Washingtonville, Montour

State College, Centre

Ivyland, Bucks spacer

Lancaster, Lancaster

Pittsburgh, Allegheny

Lehigh, Monroe and Northampton

Pittston, Luzerne spacer

Bucks spacer

Pittsburgh, Allegheny

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Duncannon, Perryspacer

Grove City, Mercer

the Commonwealth

Littlestown, Adams spacer


Harrisburg, Dauphin

Harrisburg, Dauphin

Lehigh and Northampton

Moscow, Lackawanna spacer

Shenandoah, Schuylkill

Shenandoah, Schuylkill

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Titusville, Crawford

Freeburg, Snyder

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Fox Chapel, Allegheny


Yardley, Bucks spacer

New Bloomfield, Perry spacer

Shanksville, Somerset


Easton, Northamptonspacer

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