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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been the home of many remarkable people. A diverse group of leaders, heroes, artists, scientists and innovators have contributed to Pennsylvania and to the world. This list includes those born in Pennsylvania, as well as, those who made a noteworthy contribution to society while living in Pennsylvania. The list numbers over 800 Pennsylvanians. The links are to other web sites where you can learn something about each individual.

It honors the courageous sacrifices of over 290 brave Pennsylvanians in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Many Pennsylvania public school students research famous Pennsylvanians. I challenge them to research someone who contributed to their locality or lived in their county. Publish the information in a class website to help others learn more about that special person from your local area. Local and county historical societies can be very helpful in locating facts, figures and even photos.

Helpful hint.
Use the browser Find command to scan the text for a person or town, rather than read the whole page.

To do this:
Go Edit ... Find. Enter a name or county - click Find.
The first occurrence of the text will be highlighted.

Edit ... Find again will take you to the next occurrence of the word.

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S Sgt. Michael Quinn KIA Iraq site 1, site 2 US Flag Icon

SSGT. Patrick Quinn, KIA Afghanistan US Flag Icon

Amelia Stone Quinton activist for Indians rights

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Herndon, Northumberland

Quarryville, Lancaster blank

Philadelphia, Philadelphia


Sgt. Christopher C. Rafferty KIA Afghanistan US Flag Icon

Jonathan Ragonese musician

Sheryl Lee Ralph, entertainer

Spc Tamarra J Ramos soldier site 1 US Flag Icon

Heather Rarick NASA Flight Director

Capt. Nathan Raudenbush, KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Francis Rawle politician

Man Ray site 1 artist

Edward Redfield site 1 artist

Esther De Berdt Reed patriot

Stephen R. Reed mayor

Pvt. James W. Reese, Medal of Honor receipient WWII

Elizabeth Reifsnyder physician/missionary

Edward Rendell politician/lawyer/mayor, governor site 1

Marjorie O. Rendell judge site 1

Cpl. Kyle J. Renehan KIA Iraq site 1 site 2 US Flag Icon

Russ Rentler musician

Capt. Mark T. Resh KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

John Fulton Reynolds, Civil War general site 1

John Purdy Reynolds Alamo defender

Patrick M. Reynolds Historic cartoonist Pennsylvania Profiles

State Trooper Paul Richey Killed in the Line of Duty

Conrad Michael Richter novelist

Tom Ridge politician

Corporal William H. Rihl Union soldier

Anne Riley teacher/volunteer/Community advocate

Sgt. Joshua Rimer, KIA Afghanistan US Flag Icon

Mary Roberts Rinehart author site 1

Charles F. Ritchel, invented first flying machine site 1

Frank Lazarro Rizzo politician/mayor

Daniel Roberdeau delegate to Continental Congress

Isaac Roberdeau topographical engineer (Army Corps)

Owen J. Roberts, US Supreme Court Justice site 1

Paul Leroy Robeson singer and actor site 1

Linda Robinson journalist U.S. News site 1

G. Peter Rockwell, bar owner, business owner, philanthropist

Jerome I. Rodale organic grower site 1, site 2

Robert Rodale organic grower publisher

Spc. Luis Rodriguez-Contrera KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

John A. Roebling site 1 builder

Washington Augustus Roebling builder site 1

Fred Rogers humanitarian/children's advocate site 1 site 2

Marakay Rogers community activist, attorney

Lawrence C. Rome, Biologist

George A. Romero filmmaker

J. I. Rondale organic gardener/farmer

Art Rooney sports

PO 1st Class Gary Rovinski KIA Iraq site 1, site 2 US Flag Icon

George Rosenkrans band leader

Max Rosenn jurist site 1 site 2

Lawrence A. Rosenson businessman/activist for disabled

Robert Rosenthal writer editor

George Ross politician site 1

Betsy Griscom Ross craftswoman site 1

Linda Preiss Rothschild Mathematician

Joseph T. Rothrock conservationist site 1

Trudy Rubin, journalist/opinion column writer, Distinguished Daughter of PA

Jeanne Ruddy dancer

Mammy Ruggles Civil War nurse

Cpl. Luke Runyan KIA Iraq site 1, site 2 US Flag Icon

Katharine Wentworth Ruschenberger suffragette

Pfc. Aaron J Rusin KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Benjamin Rush physician site 1

Charles Taze Russell founded Jehovah's Witnesses

Lillian Russell actress, singer site 1

Brad Rutter Jeopardy ultimate champ site 1

Emily Maria Ryerson casualty Titanic

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Brownsville, Beallsville, Fayettespacer

New Cumberland

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Quakertown, Bucks spacer

Pittsburgh, Allegheny

Earl Township, Berks

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

New Hope, Bucks

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Harrisburg, Dauphin

Chester, Delaware

Liverpool, Perry

Philadelphia and Dauphin



Bethlehem, Lehigh Valley

Fogelsville, Alleghenyspacer

Lancaster, Lancaster

Cedar Springs, Mifflin

Willow Street, Lancaster

Franklin, Venango

Pine Grove, Schuylkill

Munhall, Allegheny

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

State College, Centre

Rochester, Beaver spacer

Pittsburgh, Alleghenyspacer

Corry, Erie

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Germantown, Philadelphia

West Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Pittsburgh, Allegheny


Emmaus, Lehigh

Emmaus, Lehigh

Allentown, Lehigh spacer


Saxonburg, Butler

Latrobe, Westmoreland & Allegheny

Waynesboro, Franklin

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Pittsburgh, Allegheny

Emmaus, Lehigh

Coultersville, (South Versailles)Allegheny

Roseville, Warren spacer

Penfield, Clearfield

Plains, Luzerne

Kittanning, Armstrong

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

McVeytown, Mifflin

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

York, York

Spring Grove, York spacer

Strafford, Chester County

Johnstown, Cambria spacer

Byberry Township, Philadelphia

Pittsburgh, Allegheny

Pittsburgh, Allegheny

Manheim Township, Lancaster


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