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Fields, Fencerows, Farms and Meadows - Photos 2

I took these photos in the western United States. Students may use them for projects and presentations.
Click on each image to see a larger version. Download the image to your computer by dragging it to your computer's desktop.
Then add it to your project. Thanks! Do not link to the image here. | First set of photos

Project proposals:

1. Use several images to demonstrate ecological succession.

Put them in the correct sequence. Explain the events.

2. Select an image. Evaluate the habitat shown.

Is it good for plants & wildlife? Good for people?
How might it be changed to improve its impact on the ecosystem?

3. Select an image. Which species of plants and animals would you anticipate finding there?


Wild meadow with green shoots

pronghorn antelope herd resting

Herd of Pronghorn rest in sagebrush field Wyoming

ground squirre colony sagebrush
Wyoming Ground Squirrel colony in sagebrush meadow.

Rocky mountains sagebrush field
Snowcapped Rockies rise out of sagebrush meadow


More royalty free photos

grazing bison
Bison graze in early spring Yellostone NP meadow

shorn sheep grazing\

Shorn sheep graze in field southwestern Wyoming, elevation 6,620 feet above mean sea level

Sagebrush field Wyoming

wolf hunt
Lone wolf hunting in meadow - Yellowstone

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Posted 11/2013 by Cindy O'Hora

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