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orange bullet The Monarch Butterfly by Oberhauser, Karen Suzanne and Solensky, Michelle J. book online

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orange bullet Tree of Life - information about phylogeny and biodiversity

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young boy observing a milkweed using a magnifying glass

George Ericson, a.k.a. Eugene Iverd (1893-1936), Young Scientist, 1932, oil on canvas, Collection: Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA.

Monarch Migration

Monarch Migration math challenge - Math

Monarch Butterfly of Aster Way

three monarch caterpillars on a milkweed plant

The photos for this project were taken in August and early September in Central Pennsylvania.

Aligned with PA Academic Standards

Science and Technology

Unifying Themes 3.1

4. C. Illustrate patterns that regularly occur and reoccur in nature.

7. C. Identify patterns as repeated processes or recurring elements in science and technology. Identify different forms of patterns and use them to group and classify specific objects.

Inquiry and Design 3.2

B. Describe objects using the five senses. Apply process knowledge to make and interpret observations.

Biological 3.3 - Sciences

A. Know the similarities and differences of living things.

· Identify life processes of living things
· Know that some organisms have similar external characteristics and that similarities and differences are related to environmental circumstances
· Describe basic needs of plants and animals

B. Know that living things are made up of parts that have specific functions.

3.7. Technological Devices

B. Use appropriate instruments and apparatus to study materials.

• Select appropriate instruments to measure the size, weight, shape and temperature of living and non-living objects

Environment and Ecology

Environmental Health 4.3

B. Identify how human actions affect environmental health.

C. Understand that the elements of natural systems are interdependent
· Identify some of the organisms that live together in an ecosystem
· Understand that components of a system all play an equal part in a healthy natural system

Integrated Pest Management 4.5

B. Explain how pest management affects the environment.

Ecosystems and their interactions 4.6

A. Understand that living things are dependent on nonliving things in the environment for survival. Describe the basic needs of an organism.


Measurement and Estimation 2.3.

A. Select and use appropriate instruments and units for measuring quantities (e.g., perimeter, volume, area, weight, time, temperature).

Select and use standard tools to measure the size of figures with specified accuracy, including length, width, perimeter and area.

Mathematical Reasoning and Connections 2.4.

A. Compare quantities and magnitudes of numbers.

Reading Writing Listening

Reading Critically in all content areas 1.2

A. Read and understand essential content of informational texts

Types of Writing 1.4

B. Write informational pieces

Speaking and Listening 1.6

F. Use media for learning purposes.

Pennsylvania Science Anchors
S.A.2. Processes, Procedures, and Tools of Scientific Investigations

S.A.3. Systems, Models, and Patterns, S.B.1. Structure and Function of Organisms
S4.B.3.1.1 Describe the living and nonliving components of a local ecosystem
S8.A.1 Reasoning and Analysis

Cited Works:

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Tufts, Craig. The Backyard Naturalist. National Wildlife Federation. 1988.

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