Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly Mania

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This is a photo of the sap of the milkweed plant. I broke off a leaf and it ran out of the stem. It made a few drops then stopped.

This white sap that contains a mild poison. The poison is called a glycoside - cardenolides.

This poisonous sap helps the monarchs. By eating these plants, the caterpillars have this poison. It does not harm them.

Monarch butterflies also have this poison. The poison does not bother them, either. But it makes them "yucky" to predators. Very clever don't you think?

Both the butterfly and the caterpillar have it. Predators, like birds and small mammals, pass by the monarch butterfly because they taste so bad!

Be sure to check this out new info - Viceroy Butterflies share Mullerian mimicry with the Monarch Butterfly!

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