Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly Mania

Monarch Butterfly
Danaus plexippus

The most famous resident of the milkweed habitat is the Monarch Butterfly. They appear in Central Pennsylvania around June. They sip nectar from many flowers including the milkweed.

Scientists sort plants and animals they study. This process is called Classification. (Learn more about classification)

Butterflies are members of the Class Insecta

Monarch Butterflies are classified in the Order Lepidoptera.

They are part of the Milkweed Butterfly family Danaidae.

The Monarch Butterfly's wing span is between 2 in. and 4 inches.

orange bullet 4. What units of measurement would an entomologist use to record the wing span of a butterfly?

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Two monarch butterflies on a butterfly bush blossom.

Chart the classification of the Monarch Butterfly.

Chart the classification of the Milkweed.

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