Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly Mania

Roots - rhizome

Milkweed has a long root called a rhizome.

There are a few thin, short roots that grow out along the rhizome.

The rhizome is found deep in the soil. The connection between the stem and the rhizome can be fragile and breaks easily.

Roots/rhizome are important to plants.""They absorb water from the soil for land plants.""They take up minerals for the plant to use in photosynthesis.""They provide support to help the plant stand up.""Some roots store food for the plant like carrots and potatoes.

Milkweed spreads through its rhizomes creating stands or clusters of milkweed that are all connected. Transplanting rhizomes is one way to add or move milkweed in your garden. Dig straight down at least 12 inches and gently loosen the soil to collect them. It is easiest to do this in the early spring when the stems are short. You do not risk disturbing caterpillars in early spring.

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