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Rain and Snow cloud Weather Facts Internet Hunt
Directions: Use the links provided to find the answers to the questions. After you glean the answer, place your cursor over the Back button. Hold down on the mouse button. You'll get a menu that lets you drop back several pages. Select the Weather Facts hunt page.
Consider: How does the weather influence our lives?

As you do this activity, gather the weather words in a list. Then make a weather words crossword puzzle.

1. What are the coldest & warmest temperatures ever recorded on earth?


What is their difference or range?


Use the horizontal line - Make a scale showing the record temperatures from above.

Enter today's predicted high temperature and low temperature for your community.



2. The wind speed is 10 MPH & the temp. is -5° Fahrenheit. What is the wind chill?


Describe the relationship between wind chill and air temperature.

The lower the wind chill, the ...


3. Use the weather map service at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) to locate your regional radar report.
What are your observations?



4. I hear there is a polar air mass coming here tomorrow. The Online Meteorology Guide
Describe the air that a continental polar air mass (cP) would bring.



5. Meteorologists talk of Dew points. What does a dew point tell you?


(TAI - Think about it) The dew point is exceptionally high. Should you go for a long run? Explain.


6. You are making the daily weather observations for your grandparents. They run a fruit orchard.
You want to measure the air pressure. What instrument will you use?


What unit of measurement would you use?
(Hint: look for more detail.)

Discover - Why would the air pressure be important to people who raise fruit?

7. I enjoy shoveling snow because I relish the unusual quiet it brings.
Explain the effect snowfalls have on sound.


8. Hear that cricket chirping? How can you calculate the temperature based on the chirping?


9. How wide is lightning?


Become enlightened about lightning. Write you favorite fact.

Watch this slide show about lightning. Make sure the caption is on (lower right corner) so you can see the text.


Act on the Facts:
The neighborhood kids have finally been able to play a game of soccer at the local park. You hear the rumble of thunder.
Ten seconds later you see a flash of lightning followed quickly by thunder. You tell everyone...

Some kids disagree with your suggestion. You should...

10. Weather maps use a symbol called the wind barb. What does it show?


11. What is the probability there will be precipitation in your area today? You might also find out at the National Weather Service.



Let's say there is a 50% probability of precipitation.

Does that mean it will be raining half the day - 12 hours? True or False

Does it mean it will rain 50% of the amount it usually rains on that date? True or False

Will it probably rain over 50% of the zone or region the weather report is referring to? True or False

What does that 50% probability mean?


12. Why are raindrops different sizes?


Raindrops are shaped like teardrops. True or false


Does the shape matter? Explain.


14. What does water have to do with air temperature?


15. Why do clouds form?




16. What roles do clouds play in weather?

17. The bus is running late this October morning due to the fog.
Why is there more fog in the autumn?


Decipher this paragraph that uses weather words, but is not about the weather. Harness this dictionary.

We got a chilly reception from Jake when we arrived. His barb, about whether or not to meet, was unfair.
I think it was a barometer of his frosty feelings about Sue being elected the president. Sue's plans for the group are clouded in controversy. In fact, it appears there's a gale brewing in the club.


Offline Do It:

You have learned a lot of interesting stuff about the weather. Select one subject like: lightning, hail, frost, clouds, weather maps, etc.
Make a fact and advice filled 5 min presentation about it. You have probably seen a Fact - Action report about a weather subject on TV. You may either make a video taped, digital project (see digital project tips) , song (see rhythm, rhyme, results), or live presentation.

What weather related subject are you presenting? Describe it. Be specific.
water drop What conditions cause this weather? Challenge yourself by using appropriate scientific vocabulary.
water drop Where is this weather phenomena likely to happen? How often does it occur?
water drop Explain the extremes. How is this good for the environment or essential in the water cycle? How can it be harmful? What kind of damage, if any, can this weather cause?

water drop How can we limit the damage resulting from this phenomenon?
water drop Give some good advice about how to deal with this weather. It could be focused on positives or negatives of your weather subject.

"Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get. " ~ Mark Twain

sun Challenges:

* Observations: Science Skill Builders - do Needles or Sky

* Complete a Frayer Model (or 2) on a meteorological phenomenon. form doc. | pdf

* We've all seen rainbows, but how do they really work? Manipulate the position of the sun.
Write some observations on the effect this has on the rainbow.

* Weather Scope: An Investigative Study of Weather and Climate

* Examining Weather Data | * Weather Forecasting project DragonflyTV

* What is Global Warming? Which factors, that contribute to global warming, can people control?

* Calculate the Snow water volume. | * Watch - Predicting the Weather - Future Channels videos

* High Temperature records by State - spreadsheet | * Positive Weather Reports - Weather Report Writing project

* Make your own Weather Word search. You might find this glossary of weather terms helpful.

* Make a barometer. Document your observations for 5 days.

* Check out the Weather on top of Mt. Washington, NH.
They are reported to have some of the worst weather on earth! What do you observe?

* How does FEMA help you, your family, & your community deal with weather disasters?

* NOAA Learning Objects - Hurricanes | * Hurricanes - The Futures Channel videos

* Read about being a meteorologist - Flying Into a Hurricane: A First-Hand Account

* Climate and Global Change @ Windows to the Universe

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