Energy Internet Activity
Directions: Click on the linked words to go to a site with the question's answer. Although the answer is often on the page you are linked to, some require you to choose an appropriate link to another page with the answer. Use the Go Menu of your browser to return to this hunt page.

Use the "Energy Kid's Page" web site to answer the following four questions:

1. What is energy?



2. What is meant by nonrenewable energy?



3. List three forms of nonrenewable energy.




4. List four forms of renewable energy.




5. Name the three fossil fuels. Write one important fact about each



6. Describe three examples of the conversion of energy from one form of energy to another.





7. Write the law of the Conservation of Energy.



8. Thermal energy is measured using what units?




9. What is meant by "good conductor"? Name two conductors.
(Only 1 is given on the web page. Think about electric safety to remember another one.)



What is meant by the term insulator? List three.

Hint: Try using the Find command to help you scan the text: Go Edit ... Find.
(Macs - hold down the command key ... type f). Enter a keyword in the box. Tap the return key.
To Find Again farther down the page use command command key symbol



10. You have probably experienced a mild shock due to Static Electricity.

What causes static electricity?


Why do some charged things attract?



Why do some charged things repel?



11. Name the department of the U.S. Government that deals with energy issues. (Find the answer)

Extra: Is there a similar department in your state's government.
If yes, what is it called? You'll probably need to access your state's web site to find the answer



12. List four ways to store energy.



13. List three ways you can conserve energy. Research them on the Internet.




Challenge: Select a person who is Famous in Energy.
Write 3 facts about the person's life or studies including an important discovery.




"It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges,
and I believed in myself." - Muhammad Ali

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