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Every year I plant parsley and dill in my gardens. I like to use the rich, green parsley plants to edge my butterfly garden beds. But I plant them for much more than the color.

Several species of swallowtail butterfly caterpillars eat plants in the carrot family which includes carrots, parsley, dill and Queen Anne's Lace.

You have probably tried delicious crunchy carrots. But I bet you've eaten parsley and dill, too. They are often added to foods like soups, stews and stuffings for flavoring. Parsley is laid on dishes as a garnish. Dill is what makes dill pickles ... dill.

I noticed that a few of my parsley plants had lost nearly all their leaves. I saw this beautiful caterpillar resting on a stem.

I am glad I did not bother it. "The caterpillars have a forked, glandular process behind the head that can be everted to emit a strong odor distasteful to predators." Arthropod Museum Notes

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Black swallowtail caterpillar (parsleyworm)

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