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Basic Body Internet Hunt

Directions: Click on the links (underlined words) to go to the web site with the answer. Use the Back button or the Go menu to return to this page after you answer each question.

1. A doctor uses a .................................... to listen to your heart. What sound does a healthy heart make?



2. What are the three jobs of the bones? Watch the bone movie. Click the pause button if you need to.


What are joints?

3.Write the path that air takes when you take in a breath.




4. About how many muscles do you have? (Check out the article and the movie)

> 600


Write the three types of muscles and what they do.







5. You are covered with skin. Why is washing every day important?




6. What makes you hiccup?



7. It helps digest your food. It grosses out grown ups. You may call it spit.
What is another name for it



8. The liver is a very important organ. How does it help the body?



9. What bone protects the brain?


The brain is part of what body system?

Extra Extra:

Try the Basic Body Facts Crossword puzzle

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