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Heart Facts Internet Activity
Use the links provided to find the answers. As you circulate through the hunt,
use a bookmark of this hunt to ease your return to this hunt page.

1. The heart is part of the ____________________________ system.

Its job is to


2. No bones about it. There are no bones in the human heart.
But it is protected by several bones. Name them. Thinking required.



3. Take the narrated Human Heart Tour.

The heart has 4 chambers. Each of these chambers plays an important role
in the circulation of blood through the heart.
(It will help to start and stop the video as you take notes.)

List them in order of the flow of blood through the heart:





Do some online research:

4. The blood flow through the heart is controlled by _________________________.

How many of them does the human heart have? _____________________.


5. Vessels transporting blood to the heart are called ____________________.

Blood returning to the heart is a dark bluish red. This is because:



Vessels carrying blood away from the heart are called ___________________________.

With one exception, blood leaving the heart is a bright red. This is because:



Name the blood vessels that carry oxygen-poor blood away from the heart.


6. The heart is a muscle that has arteries. How many coronary arteries does the human heart have?


7. If a coronary artery becomes blocked what happens?


A heart healthy diet limits:




8. Patients in the hospital may be having their heart monitored.
What is the electrocardiograph monitor showing the nurses and doctors?


9. When you have a physical exam (check up), they often check your blood pressure.
What is blood pressure?



11. You are not feeling well. You are pale and sweaty. Someone takes you to the nurse.
She places her fingers on your wrist, just below your thumb, and looks at her watch for 15 seconds.
What is the nurse doing?


What is she measuring?


You anticipate that the nurse will tell you - it is normal / it is faster than normal / it is slower than usual.


12. Write a fact filled paragraph explaining why smoking is terrible for your heart.



Extra credits:
Mrs. Atrium, your health teacher
, has been teaching for nearly 30 years. This morning you notice
that she is rubbing her left arm while she is talking. She is pale. You see beads of sweat on her face,
but the classroom is actually chilly. Suddenly, she reaches up to grab her chest.
What action(s) should you take?


Review - How do you perform Hands-Only CPR?

"In a full heart there is room for everything, and
in an empty heart there is room for nothing." ~ Antonio Porchia


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Cindy O'Hora, updated 2/2023, posted 1/2004

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