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My Body Crossword Puzzle - Based, in part, on information learned in this Basic Body Internet Hunt

puzzle body





My Body Puzzle clues:

13. Hair like things in small intestine 11. Heart is this size
14. Carry blood with oxygen away from heart 12. Pancreas is a
16. Gives oxygen to blood 15. Framework of body
19. Work in pairs 17. How body keeps cool
13. Where bones are joined together 18. Esophagus is a
15. Body has 206 of them 10. Large intestine stores it
17. Cleans and warms air 11. Organ - important factory
20. Stores bile 12. Organ for tasting
22. Carries blood to heart 14. Bone that protects brain
24. Pumps blood 16. Stretchy bag
26. Body's camera 18. Body made of millions of these
28. Storehouse for liquid waste 19. Keeps blood clean
29. Job of stomach 21. Protects heart
30. Destroys worn out blood cells 23. Carries messages in body
25. Organ for hearing
27. Has pores, nerves, hair

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