Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly Mania

Emerge in Spring

In Central Pennsylvania, the milkweed plants emerge in mid spring.

Common milkweed plants grow up from the roots in a rocket shape. The leaves are tucked tight to the stem.

As the stem grows taller the lower leaves relax down to be parallel to the ground. The leaves are very short at the tip of the plant and get larger as you go down the stem.

During the growing season, the leaves will grow wider and longer.

Measuring Milkweeds activity

In the fall, many of the lower leaves many be bending downward pointing towards the ground.

In early May, the migrating monarch butterflies have not yet returned to this region. I do not see any monarch caterpillars on the newly emerged plants. Many other insects are active and can be observed on the plants.

Collecting Data activity

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emerging milkweed plants

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