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brown egg An Egg Studies Activity

: Use the links provided and your online research skills to answers the questions. printer version

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As you do this activity, gather the egg vocabulary words in a list. Then make a egg words crossword puzzle.

1. Egg Anatomy - write a fact for each term



Air Cell


Shell Membranes








True or false - The shell of an egg is solid, keeping everything inside the egg.

2. table Make a table.
Labeling - (Skip the first column). Across the columns, in the first row - enter: Viviperous, Oviparous, Ovoviparous.
Down the first column, beginning in the second row, enter these members of the Kingdom Animalia: Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fishes, Arachnids, Crustacea, Insecta.

Do the research to fill in the table. Enter a + in the cell that applies. Place a - (minus sign) in the cells that do not.

What are your findings?


3. Some people will tell you that eating eggs is bad for your heart. Is that True or False.

Support your choice:



4. Pysanky Eggs are an example of eggs as art.

In what country did this egg art begin?

What is the tool that is used to apply the wax to the egg?

I noticed that one color is used in every egg design given here. What is the color?


5. Check out these experiments to make Naked Eggs

What items do you need to conduct it yourself?



What gas is given off in the reaction?


Name another example of this gas being given off. (Hint - take a deep breath. Exhale. Any ideas?)


Think about it.

Identify another liquid that could be used for this experiment.

Form a hypothesis about the outcome of a two day soak in that liquid.


6. Investigate: Which President initiated the White House Easter Egg Roll tradition?




7. What are Faberge Imperial Easter Eggs?



8. You have been invited to read 3 books at your local library's preschool story hour.
It is Spring. You would like to read some books about eggs.

What web resource will you use to find the books?


How can you narrow your search to eliminate cookbooks and ornithology textbooks?


List three appropriate books.



9. Candling an egg has 2 purposes. They are:



10. Research Fact or Fiction -You can stand an egg on its end only on the Vernal Equinox.


11. Avoid having egg on your face when it comes to egg idioms.
Use the Idiom Dictionary to look up egg idiom. Use one in a sentence.




12. A bird lays one egg a day. If the eggs are fertilized, they may hatch into chicks.
Do the chicks hatch one day at a time?


13. Eggshells Could Help Power Hydrogen Cars - How?


Think about it - Identify two possible sources in your community that could have lots of egg shells.



* Many recipes call for hard cooked eggs. Write step by step directions to make them.
Include an ingredient list and an equipment list.

* Observation: The First Step in the Scientific Method - make some observations of a bird's nest.

* Conduct an "eggsperiment". Predict what will happen when you spin the eggs. What do you discover?

* Never mind green eggs and ham - Why don't we eat turkey eggs?

* Birds of Wetlands Facts Table Activity

decorated egg"Egg"tensions:

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