beakers Chemists and Chemistry

Directions: Use you Internet research skills to respond to the questions.

1. What is Chemistry?


2. List the 5 states of matter. Write a characteristic for each one.



3. Scientists have organized elements in the Periodic Table. How is it organized?


What is an element?


Select 3 elements. Explain the role each one plays in your life.


What is a compound?


What is a mixture?


What is the difference between a physical change and a chemical change?



4. Chemists:

In 1887, Ellen Swallow Richards work set higher standards. How is that reflected in people's lives today?


Percy Julian was one of the great scientists of the 20th century. What were three of his contributions that improved life in America?


Charles Goodyear's work with India rubber lead to his discovery of what came to be known as vulcanization. How was his work important?


5. Select an question in Chemistry in Everyday Life. Describe its value in your life.


6. Chemistry Careers

What level of education is needed to follow a career in chemistry?


Name three classes you should take in high school to prepare yourself to pursue a career in chemistry?


7. Cooking = chemistry. Name 3 of the chemicals in the dessert topping called cool whip.


Check out one experiment in Anytime Anywhere Chemistry



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Element, Compound & Mixture Quiz | The Chemistry Film Studio is a project to place videos of experiments on the Internet.

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