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1. What do we call a person who makes maps? Hint: mapographer | mapologist | cartographer


2. Ptolemy made a map of the world in 150 AD. What is missing? Why?


Take a moment to click on the map and enjoy its artistry. Then click the map window closed using the Close Window rectangle.

3. What are the two parts of a global address?


4. What is latitude?


You are standing at latitude 0 degrees. On what imaginary line are you located?


5. Lines on a globe that run east - west are showing ...........

Lines that run north - south are showing .............

What is the longitude and latitude of your town?


How far is your home from the Prime Meridian?


6. If your teacher gives you a little latitude, what are you getting?
Use the search box, at WordCentral dictionary website, to find the meanings of latitude.


7. Maps are made to scale. What is scale?


Real Life math: A map of you town is to a scale of 1: 63,360 inches.
You use a ruler to measure the distance from school to your house. You find it is 2 inches.

How many miles is it to your home from school?


What does a large scale map show?


Give an example of a small scale map.


8. Near the exit door to every classroom there should be a map. What does this map tell you?


Name another place this


9. What is the first step in making a map?



10. "With his marine clocks, John Harrison tested the waters of space and time.....
He wrested the world's whereabouts from the stars, and locked the secret in a pocket watch." ~ Dava Sobel

What did Harrison accomplish?


11. Cars and boats have GPS. Scientists use it. What does the acronym "GPS" stand for?


What do you think of this example of how a GPS chip can be used?



12. We hear a lot about the Middle East these days.
List the countries of the Middle East according to size.
(Largest to smallest)




checkmarkPlace a checkmark next to the countries that have a larger population than your home state.


13. Challenge: Which type of map would you use to plan a hiking trip? Why?


14. How did Dr. John Snow use a map to solve a medical problem?


15. Select a map from Historical Maps of the Americas. How could you use it to enhance a report or project?



16. Write the answer to this latitude and longitude calculation.


17. Check out the Degree Confluence Project. What is the closest degree confluence to your home?


18. Name two professions that would find a topographic map useful.


19. How can a map be an important tool in a disaster?


"There will always be a frontier where there is an open mind and a willing hand." Charles Kettering

Extend your efforts:

I. Watch this Google Earth tutorial at TeacherTube.

Test drive Google Earth. Find your school, your home address and the bodies of water or 5 other natural geographic features in your community on Google Earth.

Which of these features influenced the placement or growth of your community?

How will they impact the future growth/or decline of your region?

II. What are the 5 parts of the compass?

a. line

b. line

c. line

d. line

e. line

Assume that you are currently facing north. Look west. Describe what you see.

world map two spheres Explorations:

What do maps show? - an USGS online learning unit

Measurement - Scale videos at MathFLIX. Tackle A Proportional Fish Story

Compass Rose Google EarthTerra Server find your home or school from space.

Watch this topographic map video @ Teacher Tube | Place based storytelling WOW

Take the cartography quiz OR Use the National Atlas to locate your town.

Mapping out a new world order CNN | A Matter of Scale

Technology reveals new worlds to map | Mapping Renewable Energy, Rooftop by Rooftop - Time, 12/22/08

Use the resources to make a specialized map using - North American Environmental Atlas

Map worksheet - Estimate distance traveled on the underground railroad

Use latitude and longitude figures to generate a celestial map at Your Sky

Using Google Maps to Find a Home’s Solar Potential | Green Maps Around the World

GPS Internet Hunt OR GIS Internet Hunt Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground: offers a wealth of mapping activities

Check out An Atlas of Cyberspaces. OR Historic Maps in K-12 Classrooms OR USGS Geography

Geocaching British and Metric Conversions new | Earth as Art space images new

Corn Mazes - USGS | - literature and maps


What makes a City Thrive? webquest or Put your Town on the Map or Tree Inventory & Map Project

Jobs related -

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that jobs for Surveyors, cartographers, photogrammetrists, and surveying technicians grew by 21% in 2006. Much faster than average growth. Increasing demand for fast, accurate, and complete geographic information is expected to lead to new jobs for these workers.

Geoscientists jobs grew by 22% in 2006. Much faster than average growth. The need for energy, environmental protection, and land and water management is expected to spur growth. Those with a master’s degree should have excellent opportunities, especially in the management, scientific, and technical consulting industry. Budget constraints are expected to limit opportunities in governments.

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