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50 States Facts Project

ADA - assessment and action project

Alternative Energy Sources and Conservation pbl

Bats at the Beach - children lit activites

spacerWrite a Postcard

spacerBatty Math survey & make a chart

spacerFun at the Beach writing activity

Benjamin Franklin Extraordinary - greatest accomplishment?

Bill Of Rights - Constitution Day

The Birchbark House Literature Unit Activities

spacerFood activity



Health research project

Observation exercise

Math Activity

Great Lakes region Geography

Legend writing

The Birchbark House Condolence Letter

Biodiversity Exploration Investigation MS/HS

Biomes - Dude, You Gotta Move problem based project

Census - Population growth chart

A Challenge for the Able and the Disabled - Act and Action

Chart Reading - Energy Saving

Chart Reading - Federal and State Budgets

Chart Reading - Uninsured in the United States of America

Children of the Longhouse activities

Children of the Longhouse Help Essay

Children of the Longhouse Bully Essay

Children of the Longhouse Listening Exercise

Children of the Longhouse Gift Essay

Classification project - follow the Tree of Life

Classification project - the Monarch Butterfly in Tree of Life

Classification project - trace Milkweed in Tree of Life

Considering Systems and Controls

Constitution and Civics stuff > 200

Consumer Protection Project PA

Country trip - Explore countries by making a hunt

Credit Cards Facts Activity

Define Delicious Project based on The Search for Delicious

A Dickens of a Resume Who would you hire?

Digital - Discerning Real and Fake Photos

Egg Math

Elbow Room - Exploring Population Density

Elections and Term limits

Emergence - do things organize without an organizer?

Environmentalist Award - PBL

Environmental Fundraiser Project PBL

Government Integrity - travel & staffers - PBL

Founding Mothers and Daughters of Liberty

Heart Idioms writing Challenge pdf Key

High Temperature records by State - spreadsheet

Images as Messages

Literature - Diagram a Character

Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy literature Activity

spacerPoint of View


spacerVocabulary Crossword Puzzle - make one

spacerCreate a Travel promo

spacerMake a flag

spacer Personal Narrative Essay

Lunch Menu Calories tracking project udt 11/2013

Magic Treehouse Postcard

Make a Story Timeline

Map tree inventory

water droplet Precipitation and Population math

water droplet Math of Fresh Water video project

Measuring Caterpillars and Milkweed

Make a Time Book (Integrating math, art, social studies, reading, writing, creativity) Nine O'Clock Lullaby

Make a literature based Internet Hunt

Maple trees and sugarbush math

Native American Issues - what are the challenges of the First People? PBL

Native Americans Comparison & Contrast DiagramProject

Nautical Flag Name Activity

New Year Celebration Comparison Diagram

A Note for Freedom project

water droplet Oceans - cause for concern pbl

Observation Skill Builders: 44 activities

water droplet Precipitation and Population

Photo Shrink Think math

People's Response to Music Played in Public Spaces

dollar sign Your Personal Financial Survival Plan

Proportions - Measure height using shadows

Sagan - Reflect on this mote of dust essay

Science Journal Entry - Milkweed Mania

Solar System - Venn Diagram activity

Spy Messages Science & Math Project

Running for Public Office - how to

Thanksgiving Math project

Time Capsule - Study Unit Assessment

water droplet Water Studies - The Math of Fresh Water

Winter Song Photo Story

Word Cloud Project - Literature Character Traits

Write Positive Weather Reports

Write a Letter for a Character - literature enrichment


Pennsylvania Map & Facts Activity

Citizen Rights of PA and the United States

Cities of Pennsylvania Project

spacerCounty Government of Pennsylvania Project

spacerDig into PA geology

Exceptional Women of PA

spacerFounding Fathers of PA

Government of Pennsylvania Activity

 spacerHolding Government Officials Accountable

Who Represents You? civics research project

Pennsylvania Waters Map water droplet

spacerLentic or Lotic Ecosystem water droplet

spacerSchool Test Scores ranking - improve

spacerFlag and Coat of Arms

spacerPennsylvania Facts by the Numbers

Make a crossword puzzle using vocabulary

Acronyms puzzle- the long & short of it java

Afternoon on the Amazon Puzzle* java - print

Autumn puzzle java utd 9/06

Batty puzzle java

Bats at the Beach puzzle - based on the book by Brian Lies

The Birchbark House puzzle

Birds of Fields & Meadows puzzle java

Bluebird puzzle - make your own

My Body Puzzle 3rd - 4th grade

Butterflies puzzle java

A Christmas Carol Puzzle story by Dickens

Day of the Dragon King puzzle * java - print

Computer related puzzles

Computer terms puzzle

Email Savvy puzzle

Internet terms puzzle

Word Processing tips puzzle

December Holidays puzzle java - Print

Dolphins at Daybreak puzzle* java - Print

Dogs in the Dead of Night vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

Ducky - puzzle

Egg Words Puzzle java - Print

Election Vocabulary MYO Puzzle project | Rubric added

Government Vocabulary MYO Puzzle project | Rubric added

Groupings puzzle - critter collectives

Haunted Castle on All Hallows Eve puzzle - * java-

June Facts Puzzle

The Knight at Dawn puzzle* java- Print

Leprechaun in Late Winter Crossword Puzzle

Lions at Lunchtime puzzle* java - Print

Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy make your own puzzle project

Mammals of fields & meadows puzzle java

The Midwife's Apprentice Vocabulary - key

Midnight on the Moon Puzzle * java - Print

Milkweed Puzzle java - Print

Mummies in the Morning Puzzle * java - Print

Outcasts of Schuyler Place myo puzzle

Pennsylvania Facts Puzzle print

Polar Bears Past Bedtime Crossword Puzzle * java - Print

Revolutionary War on Wednesday Crossword puzzle* print

Sing Down the Moon Puzzle

Sunset of the Sabertooth Puzzle * java MTH Print

Thanksgiving Puzzle java - Print

The Scarlet Stockings Spy Puzzle - print based on book by Noble

Tigers at Twilight Puzzle* java

Tree facts crossword puzzle utd 2/06

Rocks and Minerals puzzle

U. S. Constitution Facts puzzle pdf

Water Vocabulary java - Print water droplet

Wild Weather crossword puzzle and cyber hunt - off site

Winter Fun Facts puzzle

Other stuff

Lentic or Lotic Water Ecosystems water droplet

Problem & Project Based Learning Activities index

51st State - What are the protocols for U.S. statehood?

Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial event

ADA - assessment and action project

Alternative Energy Sources and Conservation

Attendance Award

Benjamin Franklin Extraordinary

Biomes - learn about biomes as you select a new home

Community's History through its names

Concussion & Head Injury Action Project

Consumer Protection Project

Crude Oil is more than gasoline

Data Mining and Citizen Privacy

Eagles - how are they doing in your state?

eGovernment - expectations & evaluation

Emancipation Proclamations

Energy Light bulbs compare/contrast Activity

Energy Plans and their impact on you

Examine a past, current or planned community development project

Local Issue - Learn about County Government project

Environmentalist Award - select a person or group from your state.

Food + Activity = Weight

GeoWeb - Be a cyber cartographer - put your town on the map

Highway Safety and You - delve into driving issues

History Facts versus Fictions

How do you spend your time?

How to be Healthy Campaign

Hunger - What is our priority?

Images as Messages

July 4th Celebration project

Map and inventory your community's tree

National Priorities

Observation Science Skill Builders: > 40

Patriotic or National Song Photo Story

Photography Art History Mystery - Investigate the story

Privacy of Personal Information at School

Prominent Person Award - select a great local person.

School Test Scores ranking - improve

Revolutionary War Spies Project

Running for Public Office

There's No Place like Home - compare countries

Tree Compare / Contrast based on My Side of the Mountain

William Penn Day

Smart Meter Plan to save on electricity

Surveying people - Why?

What are Our Nation's Priorities regarding Hunger?

Youth Voter Campaign






Afternoon on the Amazon Quiz* java

Artemis Fowl Quizzes java

Dingoes at Dinnertime quiz

Duck identifying

Lizzie Bright - Literary Device Quiz

Monarchs & Milkweeds Quiz java

Milkweed - True/False

Face the Facts! online tree and plants quiz

The Scarlet Stockings Spy Quiz

Scientific Method Quiz

Tigers at Twilight quiz *

Viking Ships at Sunrise Quiz *

Wetlands tree and plants quiz

Winter People literary device Quiz based on The Winter People by J Bruchac


Art & Illustration into Words

Children of the Longhouse Help Essay

Children of the Longhouse Bully Essay

Children of the Longhouse Listening Exercise

Children of the Longhouse Gift Essay

Common Experience Writing Activity

Constitution Day - Marshall Quote Essay MS/HS

Constitution Day - Founded on Compromises

Constitution Day - Power of the people in the U.S. Constitution

Constitution - Privacy and the Digital Age

Constitution - Reform Government - Dickinson MS/HS

Constitution - Susan B. Anthony and Right to Vote MS/HS

Freedom of Speech Rights of students in your school MS/HS

Supreme Court Cases 2006 and the Constitution HS

Constitution - War & Peace ms/hs

Constitution - Who is in charge of your health decisions?

First Amendment Rights - poll and essay

PA Ballot Access Reform essay

Heroes Essay HS

Transparency Essay - how does it benefit society? ms/hs

Descriptive Writing using a painting by Coppedge ms/hs

Civics & Constitution projects and essays

Winter Scene writing activity 3-6

Economic Policies in Reagan years and now - political cartoon

American Society and Women choosing to remain single

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