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hourglass Make a Time Book (Integrating math, art, social studies, reading, writing, creativity)

Watch MathFLIX's video for the book Nine O´Clock Lullaby by Marilyn Singer

The story tells about time and time zones around the world. Check out one page of the story.

Fire up your imagination and make a time book about you, your school, your town, your family or your state.

1. Make a list of 4 or more times in a day.

2. What happens at each time?

3. Write the words for the time.

4. Make an online book in a web site to share your creation with your class and community. Example
Children's books online super index - Rosetta Project free, downloadable, illustrated

Make a new folder called time your initials. Example: timeco. In your time folder - make a folder to hold your images. Call it images. Save all your web pages in the time folder and place your image files in the image folder BEFORE adding them to the web pages. Each web page should be one time. Name each page based on the time. Examples: 1.html, 3.html or morn.html, after.html, or read.html, art.html, math.html, lunch.html Link the pages in order from the start to the finish to allow an easy read through.

You can use words like Click here to go to the next page. Then link the words to the next page.

blur arroe Some people use arrows arrow right pointing to the right arrow to show people how to go to the next page. Link the next page to the arrow image to make the connection to move to the next page.

Make a Main Title webpage that includes credits. Extra challenging: add a linked index that allows visitors to go to a specific time.Make your own illustrations using a computer or use free web images to add pictures. Take digital photos in your community. Alternatively, you can scan in hand drawn art. Be sure to save them in your images folder. Then add them to your web page.


Resources: How to make web pages: FrontPage | TextEdit or SimpleText | Atomic Learning | Webmonkey

Follow the basics of the W3C Style Guide for online hypertext

Thinking further:

Open a word processing page.

Copy .. paste the titles of 12 of these children's books illustrations into the word processing document.

Place one on each line. Assign a "time" to each one.

Sort them into an order. You choose the order. (Seasons, time of day, other)


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Aligned with Pennsylvania Academic Standards: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Geography, Arts & Humanities, Science and Technology

Tech Tip: Working on this project in two different places, like the library & home? Perhaps you are working on a group project. You do not have to be physically together to work together. You can access your work from several places. How? Free Google Docs.
gold starWatch Google Docs video TAI - How could you use free, Google Docs to do a project? How would this facilitate group projects?