Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle by Cindy O'Hora
This puzzle is based on facts learned while doing my Thanksgiving Internet Hunt

Thanksgiving crossword puzzle

12. Small red fruit 11. Abode of Wampanoag families
17. Chief of Wampanoag tribe 13. Covers a turkey
18. Thanksgiving potatoes 14. Orange colored potatoes
19. Pilgrim village 15. Fall sport
10. Wore breeches and doublet 16. Wore apron and a linen coif on head
11. State where Wampanoag lived 17. Pilgrim leader
15. What Pilgrims lived in 11. Pilgrims' ship
16. Fleshy flap on turkey 12. Horn of plenty
17. Cranberry habitat 13. Holiday bird
18. Pumpkin 14. Wild turkey food

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