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Explore the Solar System - Venn Diagram activity

One way to learn about something is to make comparisons. That means to find the things that are the same or similar.You can also contrast or find the differences. Venn Diagrams are a tool for doing this.
Print the Venn Diagram pdf | Use this online Venn Diagram maker | MYO Venn Diagram

Web resources - Windows on the Universe | A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System | Solar System Exploration | Astronomy Planetary Photojournal - NASA | Virtual Solar System - NGS

Lable the left circle for one inner planet. Label the right circle for an outer plant. Write facts that show how the planets are different in the outer circles. Write planet facts that are alike in the zone where the circles overlap.

Some things to consider as you populate the diagram -

  • Size
  • Atmosphere
  • Distance from Sun
  • Distance from earth
  • Number of moons
  • Surface temperature
  • A person's weight there
  • Length of Year.
  • Other fascinating facts

Make Your Own Digital Venn diagram answer sheet.

Open a new AppleWorks Draw or Word document.AW - Click on the circle tool (Draw) In Word - View - Formatting Palette - AutoShapes - circle. Drag on the document to make a large circle that covers more than 1/2 the page.With the circle's handles on (showing) Duplicate to make a second identical circle. (command key .. Duplicate) Use the arrow keys to position the circles so they overlap.

Click the text tool. Click on the document. Type your answer in the text box.
Position the text boxes using the cursor or using the arrow keys.

Journey Further:

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"The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together.
The cosmos is also within us. We are made of star stuff." Astronomer Carl Sagan