Sunset of the Sabertooth Crossword Puzzle
Based on Sunset of the Sabertooth part of the Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne

sabertooth puzzle
spacer4. What was for dinner spacer1. Skin for coats
spacer5. Moss used for it in lamp spacer2. Jack always carries it
spacer6. Helped them escape pit spacer3. Made bone flutes and tools
spacer7. Boy in story spacer6. Ax made of this
10. Stopped the attack spacer8. Paintings on walls
12. When daylight fades spacer9. Giant furry pachyderm
15. Time kids visit 11. Kids learning to do this
17. Annie named mammoth this 13. Tools for hunting and Protection
18. Followed these to find Peanut 14. Lived deep in cave
19. Giant cat 16. Annie loves this
21. Part of body where most heat is lost 20. Sister

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