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Rocks and Minerals Crossword Puzzle

Many of the answers to this puzzle can be learned by doing the Rocks and Minerals Hunt

04. Native element 01. Rocks that change due to extreme heat or underground pressure
06. Rocks that are slowly created over time 02. Red Corundum
07. Hardest gemstone 03. Source of molten rock
12. To sub divide according to similar characteristics 05. Molten rock
13. Floating rock formed in volcano 08. Melted rock that has cooled and solidified
15. The mineral that can be both opaque and clear 09. Scale to measure mineral gemstone hardness
17. Identified two geologic principles 10. Mineral used in plaster and wallboard
11. Soft mineral used in pencils
12. Native element used on US pennies
14. Most abundant mineral on earth
16. Softest rock on Mohs' scale

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Posted 11/2004