hieroglyph eye Mummies in the Morning Crossword Puzzle
Based on the book Mummies in the Morning by Mary Pope Osborne


7. Pyramids made of this 1. One of Jack's favorite things 16. Thing that holds water
10. How long Hutepi waited 2. Gold stick of Queen 17. Dried with salt then covered with oil
11. Tree the treehouse lands in 3. Last name of author 19. Took things from tombs
13. Mummies in the Morning is this 4. Second hieroglyph  
14. Color of Jack's backpack 5. Folded cloth  
17. When light makes things appear in desert 6. Place with sand and dry heat  
18. Also called coffin 8. Country that has pyramids  
20. What cat says 9. First hieroglyph  
21. Writing with pictures 12. Burial chamber location  
22. Number of oxen plus number of cats in story 15. Jack uses these to see  

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