Lions at Lunchtime Puzzle by Cindy O'Hora
Based on the children's book by Mary Pope Osborne print version

Directions: The blue colored square is the one where the letter will be typed. If it changes to yellow when you type a letter, then you are right. If it turns red, then you are incorrect. Use the cursor to move from one word to another. Or let the puzzle do it automatically. The current clue is in blue at the top of the puzzle. All the clues are given at the bottom.

To view this puzzle, you need a Java-enabled browser and to be connected to the Internet to receive the Crossword.class Java applet code.

1. Annie sank in it 1. African tribe
3. Adventures begin and end here 2. Gave Annie a shower
5. Animals must cross it 4. Eat the coarsest grass
6. Helpful bird 5. Lions do this after eating
8. Continent kids visit 7. Animals move from one place to another
9. Eat outside 9. Catches things and eats them
11. Holds answers to mysteries already solved 10. Deer like animal lead kids to treehouse
14. Saved by kids from mud 12. Meal eaten at noon
15. Boy in story 13. Saved kids from lions
17. Where are the 16. Predator with mean laugh
18. Sweet and gold colored
19. Girl in story

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