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The Knight at Dawn Puzzle by Cindy O'Hora
Based on the book in the Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne print version

Directions: The blue colored square is the one where the letter will be typed. If it changes to yellow when you type a letter, then you are right. If it turns red, then you are incorrect. Use the cursor to move from one word to another. Or let the puzzle do it automatically. The current clue is in blue at the top of the puzzle. All the clues are given at the bottom.

To view this puzzle, you need a Java-enabled browser and to be onnected to the Internet to receive the Crossword.class Java applet code.

01. Filled with water to protect castle 01. Can light the night
08. State where Jack lives 02. Tool to find your way
11. Castle jail 03. Part of helmet that hides the face
13. Special meal in castle 04. Weighed 40 pounds covered head
17. Insects that chirp 05. Wears armor and rides a horse
19. Kids ride with knight into this 06. Climb it to get to tree house
21. Opposite of day 07. Wanted to visit the castle
22. Number of feet Jack plus Annie have 09. Where knights kept their armor
23. Hung on stone walls 10. What a knight rides
24. Found in center of castle's courtyard 12. Bird eaten at feast
25. Cross this to enter castle 14. Boy in book
26. What kids brought back from dinosaur time 15. Place to write facts and lists
16. Annie's magic wand
18. Give power to the magic wand
19. Illustrator
20. Five stones from door to hall

fall leaves and castle line

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