Internet Terms Puzzle by Cindy O'Hora

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Directions: The blue colored square is the one where the letter will be typed. If it changes to yellow when you type a letter, then you are right. If it turns red, then you are incorrect. Use the cursor to move from one word to another. Or let the puzzle do it automatically. The current clue is in blue at the top of the puzzle. All the clues are given at the bottom.

To view this puzzle, you need a Java-enabled browser and to be connected to the Internet to receive the Crossword.class Java applet code.

5. Instant message acronym 1. Moniker for a web site that eases finding it.
8. The transfer of files from a remote computer to your computer. 2. A statement on a web site describing what information about users is collected by the site and how the info is used.
10. The name you call yourself when you communicate online. 3. An online function that lets you access your favorite web sites quickly.
11. PC compression suffix 4. The address that locates a particular site.
14. The file that allows a web site to identify you as a "return" guest and collect data about you. 6. Synonym for the Internet.
15. Message applied to the end of your email messages. 7. Superior computers for discriminating people
17. Transmitted email and software are broken into these. 9. A service that allows you to connect to the Internet.
21. Abbreviation for World Wide Web. 12. Universal network that allows computers to talk to other computers in words, text, graphics, and sound, anywhere in the world.
22. Hypertext transfer protocol 13 Computer that allows outside access
23. Program language that runs online live puzzles 16. When two modems connect they do this
25. Self extracting archive 18. A place for people to converse online by typing messages to each other.
26. Special software that allows you to navigate several areas of the Internet and view a web site. 19. A personal code that you use to access your account with your ISP.
28. Ta ta for now acronym 20. A way for a group of people to converse online in real-time by typing messages to each other.
30. Musical instrument digital interface 2.1 An Internet destination.
31. An ISP with information, entertainment and shopping features. 24. American Standard Code for Information Interchange
34. Internal or external device that connects your computer to a phone line 27. Move about the internet visiting sites.
35. Software that blocks access to web sites with content that you may find unsuitable. 29. A word you enter into a search engine to begin the search for specific information or web sites.
36. The transfer of files from your computer to a remote computer. 32. Computer-to-computer messages between individuals via the Internet.
37. Hyper text markup language 33. Highlighted words on a web site that allow you to connect to other parts of the same web site or to other web sites.
39. Function that lets you look for information and web sites. 38. Transmission control protocol internet protocol
40. An online mailing list that allows individuals or organizations to send email to groups of people at one time.  

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