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Egg Words Crossword Puzzle
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egg puzzle

2. Female chicken 1. Just inside shell surrounds albumen
5. Twisted, cord-like strands of egg white Anchors yolk 3. Male chicken
6. Intricately painted eggs 4. Check eggs for quitters using light
7. Twelve eggs 8. Hard covering
10. Albumen 9. Covering on egg shell that seals its pores.
12. Oriental food or White House event 11. Largest egg
13. The study of eggs 14. Eggs that are not fertile
15. Yellow part 16. Fertile eggs that do not develop
18. Egg shell is made of this 17. Born from egg
22. Sorting eggs by quality 19. Pocket usually in large end of egg
23. Eggs with jewels and gold 20. Developing animal inside egg
24. Smallest egg 21. Holes in shell that allows gases to pass

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