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We the People US Death Penalty Debate

The United States Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. Some people consider the death penalty a cruel and unusual punishment. Others disagree believing there are circumstances where the death penalty is appropriate.

Watch the video, created by students for the CSpan Studentcam video.
The authors explore issues surrounding capital punishment.

The Great Debate by Matthew Delorenzo, Josiah Vega

Do your own thinking:

What are the isues the students explored?

Identify other issues surrounding the death penalty.

Does your state have the death penalty? What crimes have a dealth penalty in your state?

Under what circumstances would you support the death penalty? Identify crimes where the death penalty could be considered.

Should the United States Constitution be amended to prohibit the death penalty?
Write a 5 paragrph, fact filled essay supporting your stance.


Extension - Describe the process to amend the Constitution.

Who was the person most recently executed in your state or in the US? What method of execution was used?

Constitution ms/hs Bill Of Rights hs Elections & Voting Bill of Rights ms President Truman's Remarks

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In the spirit of Thomas Paine - released to public domain by Cynthia J. O'Hora developed April 2012

Aligned with the following Pennsylvania Academic Standards - Reading, Writing Speaking, History, Civics and Government, Mathematics, Civics, Science and Technology
Aligned with the National Standards for Civics and Government

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