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A Dickens of a Resumé

To gain resume writing skills it is helpful to write one for someone else.

It can be a challenge to write a resume for yourself. One reason is that you lack perspective.
Another reason is that you lose track of your all accomplishments over time.

Develop your resume skills by making one for a fictitious character. Let your imagination go with this project.
A resumé should be a positive picture of a person. In real life, honesty is critical in a resumé.

This exercise is a fiction. You may need to stretch the truth a bit to help a character present a positive image.
A behavior, that is good to one person, may be considered bad by another person.

Example: A person who watches lots of sports on TV could be described as: an expert on many sports programs who has deep knowledge on athletic related statistics OR a person of narrow knowledge with limited life experiences, who is obsessed with sports.

Review the information at: Resume Writing at BC also Resume Action Verbs | Resume's appearance

Resumania: Tailor your resume for maximum impact Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Now Dec 15, 2008

Write a resumé for any character portrayed in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Text version / another text version
Audio recordings of A Christmas Carol

1. Select a template resumé. Explore the free resume templates that are offered in your word processing software's resources.

iWork, MSWord or one from the many free resources on the web.

2. Begin by opening the template.

Change the name of the resumé document to the character you are doing using Save As.
Title it the character's initials then resume.

Examples: ttcresume (Tiny Tim Cratchit), esresume (Ebenezer Scrooge)

Continue developing the information. Fill in missing information based on what you do know
about the character and facts about nineteenth century London, England.

Use at least 10 ten power words.

3. Customize the style of your project.

4. Evaluate your project using this Resume Checklist.

5. Proof the project. (It is funy how speling errors and typeos sneak in to the bets worck. smiling icon)

Class Conclusion: Present your Dickens character's resume to the class. Vote on which character you would hire.


KSAOs are the job-related Knowledges, Skills, Abilities, and Other characteristics that an applicant must have
to perform successfully in the position.


Created by Cindy O'Hora, released to public domain November 28, 2007. Updated November 2023
Peace and blessings of the season to all!

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