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Grapes - Vitis

Native Americans used the leaves to make a tea that treated a variety of illnesses. The leaves were also used to make poultices to treat several painful conditions. Peterson Field Guides Eastern/Central Medicinal Plants

Native Americans in Florida also made a blue dye from the grapes. Florida Forest Plants

The grape fruit has been eaten fresh and dried (raisins). For centuries, grapes have been juiced to be drunk fresh or fermented.

Raisins are rich in several nutrients including boron. The World's healthiest Foods

Stuffed grapes leaves is a gourmet dish served in some cultures.

During the summer months the cut vine of some wild grapes can yield a potable water. SurvivalIQHandbook

There are 15 varieties of wild native American grapes. Why in Situ?

"Grapes are sometimes classed according to their use, e.g., wine, raisin, table, juice, or canning grapes. The art of grape growing was said in Greek legend to have been introduced by Dionysus; Bacchus was the god of wine. Throughout history, the grape has been a symbol in art and literature of revelry and joy."

"In the year 1000 AD, Leif Ericsson the Lucky sailed from Norway across the North Atlantic Ocean and returned with stories about a new country he named Vinland because of the abundance of wild grapes found growing there. Historians agree that Vinland was the east coast of North America but they are not sure where he first set foot." Wild Grapes history

The vines of wild grape are collected and made into wreathes to decorate homes.

As the wild grape vine grows, it sends out tendrils that twirl around other plants and objects to support its weight, since it is not strong enough to support itself. Grape, Wild Fox

Fox grapes are a native vine that is an important food source for wildlife. Common Plants of the Eastern Shore

In some areas, wild grapes are considered a nuisance because they overrun other native plants and trees. VTech Weeds


Identification and other facts / PLANTS database

Wild Grapes

Matured grapes in September

ripened wild grapes

DISCLAIMER: These pages are presented solely as a source of INFORMATION and ENTERTAINMENT. No claims are made for the efficacy of any herb nor for any historical herbal treatment. In no way can the information provided here take the place of the standard, legal, medical practice of any country. Additionally, some of these plants are extremely toxic and should be used only by licensed professionals who have the means to process them properly into appropriate pharmaceuticals. One final note: many plants were used for a wide range of illnesses in the past. Be aware that many of the historical uses have proven to be ineffective for the problems to which they were applied.

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