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Government Grants - Homeland Security

In 2007, $1.7 Billion in grants are available for Local Homeland Security Programs. There has been a disagreement
about how this money is allocated in the past. Who should get this money? In 2006, some large cities got less money so
that more cities got some money. The large cities cried foul.
This year the Department of Homeland Security is using a different process.

DHS Sec. Chertoff on Fiscal Year 2007 Homeland Security Grant Program - CSpan video archive (real player)
Press Conference in print from DHS | Federal Election Commission

question mark Examine the issue of the distribution of homeland security grants.

How has your state or region benefited by homeland security grants in the past?


Some people charge that with no oversight much of this spending is wasted and never realizes what it was proposed it would do.
Take a critical look at one grant your state or region has received. Has the goal it was to meet been achieved?

Is that goal a true security priority?


If the only way to achieve the goal or funding would have been to raise the local taxes,
would you have supported the increase?


Changes have been proposed in the grant process. Do you believe these changes will adequately address the issue?


quill and ink potAction:

Write a letter regarding this issue to one of the individuals that represent you in the U.S. Congress. Tell them how you feel about this issue and what you believe should be done about it. Endeavor to cite specific examples that relate to your community.

Your challenges include: finding their office address, using the correct salutation including title, as well as, following appropriate business letter writing format. Most legislators have their own web site use your online research skills to find it.

*Many elected officials have an email form/link in their web site. It is reasonable to use this, in lieu of paper and postage, but format and style expectations remain the same. Write the letter in word processing. Edit it as needed. Then copy .. paste it into the email form. Some have a maximum character limit to emails. If that is the case, write the formal letter. Then drop the address heading and date from the email.

Always retain a copy of mail you send to elected officials.


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DHS Sec. Chertoff on Fiscal Year 2007 Homeland Security Grant Program
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".. what are we trying to protect -- who gives money out or who we're trying to protect with the money we're giving out?"
Michael Chertoff Homeland Security Secretary, Press Conference 1/5/2007

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