chartWhat are Our Nation's Priorities?

".. a bipartisan group of current and former lawmakers asserted this week that the future of the United States is at risk on an alarming range of deepening domestic and national security fronts and warned that neither party is truly wrestling with the scope of the problems.

The problems, said the panel, are as follows:

"Approval for the United States around the world has dropped to historically low levels with only one out of four people approving of our country's actions, even in nations that are our longtime allies.

We have eroded America's credibility and capacity to lead our urgent global and foreign policy issues, including terrorism, nuclear nonproliferation, climate change and regional instabilities.

Our budget and trade deficits are out of control. We're squandering our children's future.... The ominous transfer of our national wealth has made our economy vulnerable, and our economic strength and competitiveness are both declining. Middle-income Americans are struggling to keep their jobs and their homes and educate their children.

We're not as secure as we should be. Our military is stretched thin and our nation remains vulnerable to catastrophic terrorism.

We are being held economically hostage because we have no energy policy worthy of its name.

Our educational system is failing to prepare our children to succeed in a globalized and technological world.

Nearly 50 million people in Americans remain without health insurance, and the cost of medical care continues to spiral.

The failures of bridges in Minneapolis and levees in New Orleans are harsh metaphors for the reckless neglect of our infrastructure."

Duffy, Michael & Molla, Rani. "In Search of the Political Middle", Time, 10 January, 2008


1. Do you agree with this group's priorities?


2. What would you add to their list or which would you remove from their list?


3. It is much easier to identify priorities than it is rank them.

Harness Intel's Visual Ranking tool (or another software product you have) to rank the priorities by importance or immediacy.


4. In health care, there is a ranking called STAT. Something rated STAT must be done immediately or as soon as possible. It is highest in ranking and implies an emergency for the patient.

Are any of our nation's priorities identified here a STAT? Which ones?


5. Who is the priority? Read: Senate agrees to triple anti-AIDS funding, Jim Abrams AP 7/2008.
According to this report, the US spends $18.2 Billion for US residents who have AIDS. The epidemic of AIDS is increasing in the USA.

What should be the priority?



“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare;
it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” — Segoyewatha, Red Jacket


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