Photography Art Mystery - Investigate the story behind a photo

On the wall of the local history society's library, you see a photograph. On closer inspection you discover
it is a gathering of thousands of people. Examine it carefully by click on it for a closer view.


Describe the photo

Use the documentation on the image to investigate the story behind the photo.

What is the story?

Did it meet its goal?

How was the photo made?


Consider the possibilities:

Give an example of a message you might send this way.

What image would you make to send the message?

Who would participate?


Calculated to Challenge:

How many of the participants do you believe may still be alive?


Check out this photo to see that this idea continues with THON at PSU see #4 - #8

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developed by Cynthia J. O'Hora Released to public domain and Posted 11/2007

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