Examples of a research worksheet:

Buying a bike:

Biography of person

What is the cost?

Is it in stock ?

Cost of shipping it?

List the accessories:

What color(s) are available?

How heavy is it?

How long is the warranty?

What materials is it made of?

Street use / off road / multiple riders

Was it made in the USA?

reviews/ratings if available

Born date / place

Parents names / siblings names

Places they lived as child

Went to school(s)


Awards earned

Important events in their life

Married or single

Had children?

Date of Death / where buried

Museum or monuments to them

Hey! You forgot to tell us what we should be looking for regarding oceans.

That is where you come in. Think about it.

For example: What keywords can you think of that relate to the ocean?

As you research, you will find out what you want to know. Use your newly found knowledge to learn
even more about the subject or problem.

For example: As you explore this subject you might come across an enormous fish called a Mola mola. It piques your curiosity. You look into it and discover that it is endangered in its ocean home.

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Posted 8/2005 by Cindy O'Hora