US Role in Reconstruction in Iraq

Get the facts:

Report: U.S. 'wasted' $560 million on Iraq repairs CNN July 30, 2008

"Iraq's Reconstruction Story is a mixed story." Stuart Bowen on Washington Journal C-Span 1/31/2007.

Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction is charged with examining the issues surrounding the efforts to provide relief and reconstruction in Iraq. SIGIR's oversight is accomplished via independent audits, field inspections, and criminal investigations into potential fraud, waste, and abuse of funds. Mr. Bowen appeared on C-Span on Washington Journal 1/31/2007. You might find his interview informative.

Government Waste, Fraud and Abuse speech by Rep H Waxman to Press Club June 23, 2008

The 'worst' reconstruction case in Iraq MSNBC July 28, 2008

Examine the issues:

Describe one positive outcome in the US reconstruction efforts in Iraq.

Consider the sections called Reconstruction Progress and Lessons Learned.


What is your opinion based on the facts?


Who benefited from the US Reconstruction efforts in Iraq?


In light of the rampant corruption and other challenges, what should be done?


How much more should the U.S. contribute to the reconstruction process?



Write a letter regarding this issue to one of the individuals that represent you in the U.S. Congress.

Tell them how you feel about this issue and what you believe should be done about it. Endeavor to cite
specific examples that relate to your community. Point to their previous voting record on relevant issues.

Your challenges include: finding their office address, using the correct salutation including title,
as well as, following appropriate business letter writing format.

*Many elected officials have an email form/link in their web site. It is reasonable to use this, in lieu of paper and postage, but format and style expectations remain the same. Write the letter in word processing. Edit it as needed. Then copy .. paste it into the email form. Some have a maximum character limit to the emails.
If that is the case, write the formal letter. Then drop the address heading and date from it in the email.

US soldier charged with rigging Iraq contracts
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