Ben Franklin
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Benjamin Franklin Extraordinary

a Problem-Based Learning Project

Examples of a group's research worksheet:

Buying a bike:

Report on a Country:

What is the cost?

In stock or shipping it?

List the accessories:

What color(s) are available?

How heavy is it?

How long is the warranty?


Street use / off road / multiple riders

Made in USA?

reviews/ratings if available

What materials is it made of? aluminum / plastic / cardboard





natural resources


Important events in their lives Holidays

Native language(s)

unique foods



Hey! You forgot to tell us what we should be looking for regarding Benjamin Franklin.

Think it through for yourself. As you research, you will find out what you want to know. Then use that new knowledge to learn more about the subject or problem.


Main problem page

What you know

What you do not know

Worksheet example

Project examples


Problem-based learning

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