Government - Evaluate your Senator or Representative

"We didn't pick the legislators," said Thomas Dominguez. "It's not our job to evaluate their performance.
That's the job of each voter
Dominguez is a member of the California Citizens Compensation Commission.1

Many lobbying and advocacy organizations "Grade" elected officials regarding their performance
on the groups' special concerns.

NAACP - 109TH Congress Receives Failing Grade on Civil Rights Matters

Legislative Scorecard 2007-2008 | Porkbusters - earmarks scorecard

National Environmental Scorecard

Information tools:

Lawmaker Profiles at the Sunshine Foundation.
Congresspedia Project on Government Oversight
How to track Federal Legislation using THOMAS Citizens Against Government Waste
Project Vote Smart is the official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.

question mark Evaluate one of the elected officials who represent you at the Federal level.

You could examine the legislator's record on the whole or focus on a specific issue like energy.

Establish criteria. Examples - Attendance, voting record, legislation proposed by them, Committees, earmarking, ethics issues.

Gather facts.

Grade/Score their work to date. Are they meeting your expectations?

Debate the rating with your classmates.


quill and ink pot Do Something:

Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper explaining your evaluation process and the grade
you are giving the elected official.

Do you support their reelection?

Would you consider volunteering for or making a donation to their reelection campaign?


Extended Efforts

question mark Evaluate one of the elected officials who represent you at the State or local level.

question mark Assess your local and state legislators' record on environmental issues.

"The citizen can bring our political and governmental institutions back to life,
make them responsive and accountable, and keep them honest. No one else can.
" John Gardner


Coalition Targets Convicted Lawmakers Don't water down public corruption bill
THOMAS - legislative information from the Library of Congress Government Integrity - The Power of facts from the Web

Budget of the United States Government

Bridges or earmarks?
US Office of Government Ethics Earmarks
Common Cause Priority regarding Hunger?
Freedom of Information Act info Priority regarding health insurance?
State Corruption US News & World Report National Priorities?

Pensions for convicted officials pbl

Community Development projects

Your America: Take action resources

Homeland Security Grants
Running for Public Office Working in a group? helpful info

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1 Sanders, Jim, Does commission on California elected officials' pay have power to cut their salaries? April 28, 2008.

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